Hairstyle for a Wide Face

There's nothing quite like the beauty of natural blond hair. The model showcases sun-kissed locks that are cut into long layers with softened ends created using a razor. The hairstyle features a zigzag parting and soft, sweeping curls that add a touch of softness to the overall look, while also helping to elongate her face, which is naturally wide.

Her perfectly arched eyebrows frame her eyes, which are enhanced with a touch of mascara for a subtle definition. A soft, powdery blush further enhances her naturally radiant appearance, creating an ideal canvas for the application of a rich dark pink lip color that accentuates her wide, full lips.
The blouse she is wearing has a jacket-style design with four pockets. It is crafted from a rough-spun, woolen blend fabric with a tweedy texture and color. The fabric achieves its unique look through a combination of contrasting warp and weft threads, blending lighter and darker pink shades together. The tailored jacket features rounded pocket flaps and large, round, silver-rimmed buttons with pink fabric insets, adding an extra touch of style to the ensemble.
Red Dress - New York Fall 2004 Collection
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