Hanami by Hairing

Soft hairstyles with color contrasts
The blooming of flowers is a big event in Japan and there is a word for the enjoyment of the fresh petals: Hanami. Cherry blossoms are especially adored and these were also the inspiration for Hairing's new hairstyles collection.
In the soft pastel colors of spring and with a hint of oriental design, this collection celebrates newborn beauty. Graphic lines, simplicity, soft styling and rays of light created by the finest color contrasts create an upscale line-up with an unconventional touch. The short cuts are well defined, while longer looks have a natural flow with exceptional accents.

Clipper Cut Nape

Short hairstyle with shaved sections
Short cut for silver hair
Clipper cut nape
Pink and silver create an incredible soft shine on the sleek cap shaped cut. The ultra short back is clipper cut close to the skin, a length that also runs into the sides.
All is topped with the smoothness of the longer top hair which is extended in front to a long sideways fringe. The high line on the side sits just above the ear and is rounded nicely on the edges.

Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

Pixie with asymmetrical bangs
Pixie with very short sides
Pixie cut
Her asymmetrical bangs are shaped like the fragile petal of a cherry blossom and shimmer of the color of a flower after the rain with a silvery base and accents in the softest pink. This brings much gentleness to the geometric shape of the cut.
Ultra short sides, an undercut and a short as well as graduated back provide a techno style frame to the sweet silky smoothness. The styling keeps it supple and clean with an anti-frizz product and perhaps a whiff of gloss spray.

Bob with a Tapered Fringe

Bob with a tapered fringe
Bob with angled cutting lines
Bobbed hair with two colors
This bob turns extravagant with a tapered fringe and a second hair color underneath. The lightest, almost white shade of pink accentuates her powdered face and a golden brown, resembling the wood of the cherry blossom tree gives this hairstyle a beautiful and unusual contrast while it pronounces the graphic lines of the cut.
Angled lines reach from a high back to a low front and across her forehead with the diagonally tapered fringe. A beautiful look full of poetry and with an unconventional attitude. Go zen and sip a cup of green tea, while looking like a Japanese fairy tale.

Hair with Forward Facing Layers

Long hair with layers
Hairstyle with sleek side bangs
Long layers are styled smooth and silky with held back volume and much emphasis on movement. The center section of her long hairstyle is curved forward as if it had been touched by the most fragrant breeze on a spring morning.
The side bangs are sleek and styled tight to the head and the long, inner layers are equally straight and flow over her shoulders to the front. An earthy brown color reflects balance and harmony with nature. The tips are a wee bit lighter with no strong contrasts and a seamless transition.

Oriental Beauty

Hairstyle with Japanese elements
Oriental beauty look
Put on your kimono and style your hair in a modern semi up-style with traditional Japanese design elements. Several rolling techniques were used to create this amazing and utterly flattering hairstyle.
The front is twisted into a banana roll that sits on the side of her face and lifts the hair for a nice volume on top. In the back her long hair was folded in to create a shorter, cushiony look. All of the hair is controlled this way and has a shape that makes us crave sushi and sake.

Straight Waist Long Hair

Straight waist long hair
Very long hair with irregular lengths
This female samurai wears her hair in a power look to express her determination and strong spirit. The waist long hair is cut in irregular lengths with jagged, textured edges. This is balanced by the ultra sleek styling allowing no random wave or wisp in the hair.
It is parted in the center for a balanced and disciplined vibe. All comes to live with the various shades of blonde that range from a dark blonde as the main color to the very light bold streaks along the side. Keep the majority of highlights on one side for a special twist.

Yellow Accent Strands

Long hair with yellow accent strands
Very long hair with an accent braid
Waist length hairstyle
Her hair flows like a gentle waterfall down to her waist and with the thick accent braid on the side she adds a gorgeous structure to all of that beauty. Two single strands on each side are dyed as yellow as the pollen of flowers and are surrounded by the golden shimmer of a warm medium blonde.
Styling is as easy as eating a sugar dusted mochi treat and with a good brush and some patience the hair will look as luxurious as this precious mane. Parting it on the side gives it an elegant touch.

Extravagant Hairstyle for Men

Extravagant hair for men
Mens hair with green color splash
Fashion haircut for men
He is a warrior of fashion and can let go of his sword. His looks alone have the potential to capture eyes and hearts. The asymmetrical look features two distinctly different approaches on each side. One is extended in the front with irregular lengths and a jagged texture.
All taken to high fashion level with a light green color of new grass in the tips. A side fringe swings into this two tone scenario while the opposite side has traditional lines, except for the small curve into his face. His beard is groomed in a most meticulous way with a captivating shape around the chin and a gentleman mustache.
Hair: Hairing Parrucchieri
Make-up: Jennifer Carannante
Art Direction: wi.iu' upset®
Photography: Davide Adamo
Graphic: Paola Landolfi
Sponsor: La galleria del gioiello