Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Barbara Wuillot

Hairstyles Collection 2012

  • short shaped bob
  • double headband
  • curled upstyle
  • updo created with extensions
  • updo with a quiff
  • hair extensions
  • hair with a soft side braid
  • hairstyle with a winged fringe
  • waist length hair
  • sleek updo
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With her new collection Barbara Wuillot explores the effect of different hairstyles on two women. One of them begins with a short bob and the other with long hair. Enter the wonder of hair extensions and a true metamorphosis takes both of them to new expressions and very different styles.
The focus is on feminine lines, soft volume and styles that take a woman everywhere she wants to - from elegant every day styles to extravagant looks that are ready for the runway. The facets of a woman are reflected in her different hairstyles.
Extensions and styling techniques allow her inner beauty to become visible on the outside. The hair color takes a back seat here, even though the sophisticated ash blonde hues are exquisite.
Hairstyles: Barbara Wuillot
Make-up: Dana Argesan
Photography: Marius Baragan
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