Goldwell - Trend Zoom 06

Trends - they are directions of a development. Themes, that are asking us to fill them with our individuality, our personal needs and wishes. Thus creating something that rises above the familiar.
Easy going, free, without care: we desire a life that gives us enough room for our personal happiness. Room for harmony and clarity, for playful improvisation or indulgingly celebrated luxury. No matter which style you prefer, the hair is always an expression of your attitude towards life.

Crystal Spirit - The Energy of Light

Shimmering hair, modern and romantic with curls
Inner harmony and simple elegance underline natural beauty. Silvery tones melt into a clear blonde with a touch of boldness. Icy blue and gentle pink tones add magical shimmering accents, creating a color combination that is romantic yet modern.
Softly layered curls radiate sensuality, purity, and poetry. Crystal spirit brings sparkle to everyday life: pure, clear, and shimmering hair.

Real Fantasia - The Power of Effects

Different and intense hair color effects
Each moment is different. So why should hair always look the same? Every day, we redefine who we are. Layered hair allows glimpses of different color effects with every move: strategically placed red tones in intense brown.
Lively and natural, they create a versatile look filled with creativity. Real Fantasia delivers a style filled with optimism, emotion, and imagination.

Classic Delice - The Luxury of Life

Hair that feels and looks like real silk
Long live opulence. We revel in life's pleasures, surrounding ourselves with fine materials, warm scents, and intense colors like caramel, chocolate, and raspberry. The aesthetics of British clubs, with their dark noble woods, inspire a hairstyle that exudes true luxury.
Like a veil of real silk, fine strands of hair cascade over this classic cut. Classic Delice - a look that indulges the senses.
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