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Goldwell - Trend Zoom 06

Trends - they are directions of a development. Themes, that are asking us to fill them with our individuality, our personal needs and wishes. Thus creating something that rises above the familiar.
Crystal Spirit - The Energy of Light
  • long blonde hair
  • curly coloured hairr
  • man with curly hair
  • man with shimmer t-shirt
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Real Fantasia - The Power of Effects
  • intense brown hair color
  • hair color effects
  • intense brown hair for man
  • trendy male hairstyle
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Classic Delice - The Luxury of Life
  • silky medium length hair
  • shiny mid-length hair
  • modern male haircut
  • classic male hairstyle
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Easy going, free, without care: we desire a life that gives us enough room for our personal happiness. Room for harmony and clarity, for playful improvisation or indulgingly celebrated luxury. No matter which style you prefer, the hair is always an expression of your attitude towards life.
Let yourself be seduced. To a cut, a nuance of color or to an effect - as unique as you is. The 2006 trends are already awaiting you.
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