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Long Hair with Crimping

Our model's long brown hair is beautifully highlighted to add depth and dimension. The blunt cut features a long fringe swept to the side to emphasize her cheekbones and the main body of hair has been given extra interest by crimping intermittent locks of hair. The added crimping plays well with the natural wave of the model's tresses.

Her make-up style is mostly natural with partially lined eyes (the liner is only applied from the center of the upper and lower lids to the outer corners. The soft color of eye shadow and the pinks of the cheek and lip color (in a satiny finish) all work to deepen the blue of her eyes.
Her dress features an upper panel of sheer fabric with a gathered collar and crew-like neckline. It joins to a lower bodice of sueded fabric with a bustier-style line accentuated by bold appliqué-work and beading. The look is ideal for cocktail parties and holiday affairs, or when you just want to look special and more than a little playful.
Rebeca Taylor - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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