Matt Clements - Assembly Hair

Hair with color contrasts
Colour Technician of the Year Finalist
The cuts are amazing, but have to take a backseat behind the purely stunning hair color palette of Matt Clemens. Pushed to their limits, the reds and blondes are alive in full luminosity and impressive vibrancy coming from every pigment.
The contrasts are gentle, but they play with the light in an almost surrealist way, breaking the rays up into reflections of heartstopping intensity. It is the kind of strength in color that you can still see when you close your eyes.

Marbled Silk

Marbled hair coloring with streaks
The deep, blunt cut fringe is the ideal canvas to insert streaks of warm cherry red into a raven colored base. The distribution of the effects results in hair color with a marbled effect that is a merry playground for a gorgeous reflection of light.
The same streaks continue on the silky, long sides that were given just a few layers and a mix if bluntness and texture to add tangible silkiness and motion.

Crinkled Fire

Red hair with crinkles
Tight but wide crinkles weave their serpentine magic on this redhead. The fluffy texture with all of its intricate and exotic movement is overlaid by transitions of red that appear as random as the light of a southern sunset underneath a set of ever changing clouds. Dark and lighter hues alternate in a pattern that proves the modern ingenuity of the colorist.

Colored Out Loud

Short colored hair with an uplifted neck
A neo punk style with geometric visions all captured in a variation of texture reveals its soul through the hair color. From the graduated and uplifted neck section over the narrow crest to the extravagant bangs the hair shimmers in a warm, papaya red.
The richness of this hue is emphasized by the metallic and bold strike of copper colored lightning, which illuminates the sides.

Purple A GoGo

Supple hair with shine in a round cut
Simple, supple and dipped in an iridescent orchid tone. Daring elegance in one round cut. Matt Clements puts the glam in a classic. The familiar mushroom cut is executed with laser-like precision and gleams in its full glory with shine and a deep, warm plum tone, intensified by subtle streaks of a slightly lighter hue.

Avant-glam Exposed

Short hair contrasting colors and a buzzed section
This incredible creation is more than a haircut with contrasting color effects. It has a philosophy. It makes a statement by contrasting short and long, a smooth surface and a very short, furry underneath.
Like opening the petals of a flower, a natural brown tone peeks through the purple and black artistry of the top layers.

Precious Metal

Short aerodynamic haircut for bright blonde hair
Buckle up - this look comes with high speed. The aerodynamic of the cut will take fashionistas in a storm and the bright blonde hair color creates lightning wherever it goes.
Pushing the gold to its shiny limits Matt Clements uses darker strands in iridescent pink and copper chemistry to add structure and dynamic to the short round cut with cute flips on the side.
Hair: Matt Clements
Salon: Assembly Hair
Event: Hair Expo Australia
Photography: Natalie Lynn
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