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Matt Clements - Assembly Hair

Colour Technician of the Year Finalist

The cuts are amazing, but have to take a backseat behind the purely stunning color palette of Matt Clemens. Pushed to their limits the reds and blondes are alive in full luminosity and impressive vibrancy coming from every pigment.
  • marbled haircolor
  • hair with crinkles
  • uplifted neck hair
  • hair with shine
  • contrasting hair colors
  • aerodynamic haircut
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The contrasts are gentle, but they play with the light in an almost surrealist way, breaking the rays up into reflections of heart stopping intensity. It is the kind of strength in color that you can still see when you close your eyes.
Ranging from purple to rust and copper, all topped by the ultimate golden blonde this collection proves that Matt Clemens masters the most tricky hues of them all.
The cuts were created to support purity and beauty of the palette and they splendidly show off variations of light and shadow through their sleek, curly or textured consistency.
Hair: Matt Clements
Salon: Assembly Hair
Event: Hair Expo Australia 2009
Photography: Natalie Lynn