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Intercoiffure's latest collection takes a close look at the city of Moscow. When it comes to eccentricity, Moscow is a leader. The hairstyles in this collection are modern, urban, chic, punk, and artistic. The hair colors that are found in these styles are simply stunning and show off the beauty of the city and the people that live in it.
Moscow is a city of history, with numerous temples and memorials. On the other side of the coin, the city is more modern, with skyscrapers and art districts. Everything fashion is found within the city.
Russian women love fashion and style. They walk the Red Square with their heads held high. The hairstyles in this collection reflect the personalities and individual styles of the women of Russia.

Light & Fantastic

Chin length bob for blonde hair
For Russian women with ice-blond hair, the "Light and Fantastic" hairstyle is the perfect look. This graphic cut is short and layered throughout. Lightly tousled, the look gives off a feeling of attractiveness. The hair color alone gives the look a sense of glamour. Put simply, this look is simply fabulous.

Rebel-rock Blondes

Messy out of bed look for short hair
The simple, yet wild "Rebel-rock Blonde" style of this collection is perfect for those women with a rebellious side. Colors such as platinum highlighted with golden shades, give this hairstyle the ultimate wow factor. Very messy, this is a look that will make people take notice.

Color Me Beautiful

Thrilling short hair with a blend of colors
The short haircut this woman is wearing is all about the blend of hair colors. The over all cut is short and dramatic, yet the colors give the style the extra pizzazz. The colors used are an intense copper, honey blond, and a deep brown chestnut.
The blend is perfect and complimentary. The final look is dramatic and artful.

Shining Figures

Short hairdo with movement and swing
Short hair with messy and free styling
The "Shining Figures" hairdo from this collection is simply stunning. Using a variety of copper hair coloring creates a very dramatic effect. The short haircut offers both texture and swing.
The style can also be worn messily and free for a more bohemian feel or straight and sleek for a more stunning effect. Either way, the style truly makes the woman a shining star.

It's all about the Cuts

Provocative short haircut
Hairstyles are coming very close to resembling works of art. Using precision cutting techniques, this short hairstyle is unique and truly individual, a work of art. The cut offers complex geometry, integrating both movement and structure. Both the cut and the color are truly magnificent in this style.

Feminine Coolness

Long hair with hair extensions
Short and daring layered hairstyle
There are some women that are simply cool. This hairstyle is the ultimate cool and it is pure and experimental. She is wearing a style that is long and layered. It can be worn down or up, messy or sleek. Any way that you want, this style will scream that you are cool and confident.

Lolita Boy-cut

Messy short blonde hair with long bangs
The Lolita Boy-cut is truly daring. The style gives off an innocent, yet dangerous vibe. The haircut is ultra short with a long fringe. The hair colors are shades of blond, giving it a feeling of girlishness. Messy and free, this hairstyle is simple and rebellious.

The New Femme

Female haircut with short sides
Truly elegant, the New Femme hairstyle of this collection is utter sophistication. The pixie haircut is short on the sides and full of volume on the top. The perfect rock star meets movie star look. This is one look that is gorgeous and personal.

Chanel Style

Precise bob cut with shine
Free and messy styling for a bob cut
Another take on the classic bob, Chanel Style is sexy and simple. Using a black on black coloring gives this hairstyle the ultimate shine. One woman wears the style free and messy; the other wears it sleek and sophisticated. Either way, this is one classic look that is not going anywhere.
Hairstyles Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Dmitry Vinokurov, ICD Russia
Valery Lazarev, ICD Russia
Photography: Dmitry Basharov
Make-up: Denis Kartashev
Clothes Styling: Andrey Sharov
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