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Bruno Melgani

Hairstyles Collection 2010

Enter the kaleidoscope! With his new collection Bruno Melgani gives us a magnificent mosaic of extraordinary hairstyles. The theme is individuality, freedom of expression and finding the perfect fit for each personality. Therefore no style is like the other.
  • up-style for naturally curly hair
  • curly copper hair
  • hair with a tight neck section
  • Mohawk shape hairstyle
  • Asian hair
  • modern haircut for young men
  • shaved sides
  • elongated neck haircut
  • medium length curly hair
  • mushroom cut
  • jagged look for hair
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He gives us a cross section of modern haircuts in all lengths and many colors. Men and women are asked to follow their inner voice and passion and to find the look that suits them best - be it curly, straight, spiked or geometric and bold.
High quality cuts and styling with a statement will not go unnoticed. Colors, natural and dyed, are used to accent and support the styles. Extravagance is an important element, but all looks are very wearable on and off the catwalk.
Hairstyles: Bruno Melgani
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