Long Hairstyles for Teenagers & Ladies (30)

No longer happy with your long hair and ready for something new? The world of hair and beauty is constantly changing and there are always new long hairstyles to discover. Long hair never goes out of style, and a new cut can totally revamp your look. Check out these ideas for long hairstyles!
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  • Long silky hair with youthful blunt cut bangs
  • Deliberate unkempt look with long blonde hair
  • Vintage inspired blonde hair with long waves
  • Sleek chestnut brown hair with caramel streaks
  • Long brown hair with layers and outward flips
  • Blonde hair with angelic waves and full of volume
  • Long hairstyle with corkscrew curls and volume
  • Modern wavy hairstyle with a side part
  • Long fluffed up hair with brushed out waves
  • Hairstyle with tapered feathering along the face
  • Long hairstyle with corkscrew curls and textured bangs
  • Choppy long hair with tapering and two tone coloring
  • Long hair with styling for extra volume
  • Long layered hairstyle with waves and spiral curls
  • Razor-cut brunette hair with smooth and slick lines
  • Long and silky blonde hair with side bangs
  • Long light brown hairstyle with pointed bangs
  • Red below the shoulders hair with curls
  • Long hairstyle with deconstructed curls and spiky bangs
  • Long hair with choppy lengths and choppy bangs
  • Blonde big hair with spiral curls
  • Straight Asian hair with varying lengths
  • Silky Asian hair with an elongated neck section
  • Voluminous long hair with a mix of textures
  • Long hairstyle with large curls and dramatic volume
  • Sharply tapered hair with textured tips
  • Long and sleek hair with tapered sides
  • Blonde hair with tapering and a low side part
  • Long haircut with symmetry and tapered elements
  • more long hairstyles

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