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White by é SALON

The "White" collection from é SALON features a mix of high-fashion hairstyles and wearable looks that many women would clamor for. The common theme for all the styles is the way they play with light and texture.
The hair colors are varied, but each is reflective and boasts a healthy shine. The textures, too, vary greatly, from smooth and straight to wild and curly and stages in between. From the classic to the absurd, these looks run the gamut and tell their stories proudly.
  • long thinned hair
  • flip style bob
  • classy look for long hair
  • twisted up-turns
  • simple bowlcut
  • scrunched look
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Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Jenny Eady
Styling: Alan Buanne
Photography: Peter Tabor
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