White by é SALON

Wearable high-fashion hair
The "White" collection from é SALON features a mix of high-fashion hairstyles and wearable looks that many women would clamor for. The common theme for all the styles is the way they play with light and texture.
The hair colors are varied, but each is reflective and boasts a healthy shine. The textures, too, vary greatly, from smooth and straight to wild and curly and stages in between. From the classic to the absurd, these looks run the gamut and tell their stories proudly.

Halo Effect

Long thinned hair styled for a halo effect
The long, layered hair in this style is fine in texture and boasts a natural curl that could never be mistaken for "mere wave". The hair is thinned carefully to create a lighter, airier feel at the ends.
Blowing out the natural curl with a diffused dryer is a great start, as you scrunch the hair nearer the scalp and pull the tendrils outward to splay them haphazardly. Create definition and direction in the overall style using a curling iron to create "random" spirals to enhance the halo effect.

Shorter Bob Hairstyle

Flip style styling for a short blonde bob
This milk-pale blonde seems to embody the spirit of "White" with this shorter bob style. The haircut features layering along the bottom edge, a gently angled perimeter line, and a wispy yet soft fringe. The intriguing aspect of the style is the way the perimeter is finished.
The lightly layered ends are curled and swept forward in a modern approximation of a flip style. The effect adds depth and texture to the hairstyle without changing the color or making the whole look appear too bulky.

Classy Classic Look

Classy styling for long blonde hair
This is a classic (and classy) look that virtually any woman would love. The natural-looking blonde shows slightly darkened roots that brighten into golden tresses that cascade and pool gently around the shoulders. The cut is long and layered around the leading edge and along the sides at the bottom lengths.
Styling includes the use of large roller tools upon which the hair is wound and settled off-base in order to cure the curls and create the flowing wave without adding volume in the upper portions of the hair. The likely use is of Velcro rollers on hair that is blown dry at the scalp and left somewhat damp at the ends. This allows the Velcro rollers to be used and the curl to set more strongly. The subsequent curls are broken up and distributed carefully to keep definition, yet encourage the flow and fullness.

Twisted Up-turns

Hair in an updo with twisted up-turns
Haute Couture fashion concepts are often not suited to street wear, and this look is no exception. The style's cyclonic twisted up-turns evoke images of a windy spring day, or a summer storm, but would look rather out of place on the average city street.
The head-turning aspect notwithstanding, the hairstyle appears to get its structural integrity from multiple techniques: The long hair looks to have been braided into these braids and dampened then dried to create the kinked texture seen on the exterior layers of the style. The upper layers (which become the interior) are then backcombed and built up to increase the volume and for a base structure for the look.
Finally the outer perimeter layers are then ruffed and wound up and around the head in order to give a "smoothness" to the exterior and hide any internal tools and accessories. The styling relied heavily on strong-hold products and texturizers and copious use of hair spray.

Simple Bowl Cut

Simple bowl cut hair with a curving silhouette
This simple, classic bowl cut mixes elements effortlessly and creates a balanced look. The sable hair is cut with a contouring line that features a blunt arched finish in the fringe and is softened with razor-cut ends on the sides and back. The subtle layers create a gentle curving silhouette and softly finished ends.
The hair is best styled using a lightweight styling foam and straight-hair blow-out. The hair should be dried to a mostly dry stage and left to finish naturally. Using a light product allows the hair to move freely and be tousled to interpose the textured and blunt segments of hair for dramatic effect.

Cut with Asymmetry

Scrunched and backcombed short brown hair
"Asymmetry at its most creative" is one way to describe the hairstyle shown here. The cut is a classic-inspired look that contours along the lines of the face and is gently layered to create a rounded silhouette when styled smooth. The cutting lines along the fringe and forehead areas curve and follow asymmetrical sensibilities, and the style gets an infusion of energy in the styling at the back and oblique corners.
The smoothly layered hair is scrunched and backcombed into a spray of tendrils and volume-packed mass. These elements add horizontal focus to the style and draw the eye outward. The forward sections are styled for glossy smoothness, and the finish enhances the effect of the striations of highlighting color. The volume and curl in the back sections diffuse this sleek definition and create a wonderful pairing of two disparate elements.
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Jenny Eady
Styling: Alan Buanne
Photography: Peter Tabor
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