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Berlin Collection

Caterina DiBiase - Heading Out Hair

Berlin is not only Germany's political center - it has been ground zero for art, fashion and alternative lifestyles for more than a century. Avantgarde was born here and eccentricity comes easy in this city that was once torn apart and looks back at a rollercoaster history.
Berlin is a survivor with a most inspiring message. This inspiration is tangible in the collection of hairstyles created by Caterina DiBiase that carries the name of this magnificent city.
  • furry hair
  • jaw length bob
  • straight up hair
  • transparent hairband
  • spun hair
  • crinkly hair upstyle
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Extreme and extravagant looks are taken to the limit and then even further. Their character is bold, even harsh but with a tender sensitivity of guarded emotion. Precise cuts mingle well with intense styling and the natural, yet equally strong colors.
Dare to express yourself. Dare to be outrageous, luscious, lascivious and live as boldly as you can.
Hairstyles: Caterina DiBiase - Heading Out Hair
Makeup: Kylie O'Toole
Stylist: Leticia Dare
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole