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Renee Walcom - Suki Hairdressing

New Creative Force Finalist

Renee Walcom is passionate about hair - and it shows. With talent and artistic vision she created a series of dramatic hairstyles for modern women. A touch of retro seasons the iconic selection that features long and short looks - all filled with seductive glamour and panache.
Her styles require a double take since she combines many unique elements that at the first sight might escape the eye. Among these are various lengths in one cut, refined twists on classics and strong statements of color and transitions.
  • modern pixie cut
  • page-boy with a super long neck
  • sexy upstyle
  • lava red hair
  • crinkled hair
  • French bob
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Fluid, daring shapes, immaculate cuts and bold styling give strong women a look that fits their personality and type best and surrounds them with an aura of empowered sensuality.
The colors are just as bold as the styles and resemble the neon lights of a big city at night. They gleam in sizzling reds, cool blues and icy-hot blonde shades.
Hair: Renee Walcom
Salon: Suki Hairdressing, Sydney
Event: Hair Expo Australia 2009