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Dieter Mersmann

Colour Technician of the Year

Deserving of his nickname "master of blonde" , Dieter Mersmann demonstrated how much impact the perfect color can have. Too often does color take second place behind styling and cut, but it is an integral part of the creation that should never be underestimated.
  • asymmetric curly hairstyle
  • long highlighted blonde hair
  • fringed bob
  • modern cut for short hair
  • frizzed hairstyle
  • pink-blonde hair
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A color enhances and can also change a whole appearance and there is so much more out there than blonde, brunette, red or black. In just six examples we can see the transitions of blonde through different hairstyles, expressions and moods.
As Mersmann recently stated in an interview people change their hair color more often than their cut. That is why more recognition should be given to the professionals who specialize in this tantalizing world of beautiful hues.
Hair: Dieter Mersmann
Salon: Wild Life Hair, Sydney
Event: Hair Expo Australia 2008