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"Milano Style Line" by Itely Hairfashion

  • half bob hairstyle
  • mens cut that leaves the face free
  • gutsy mens hairstyle
  • daring short hairstyle
  • short hairstyle with long side pieces
  • blonde hair with curls
  • long hair with various shades
  • fun upstyle
  • dynamic hairstyle
  • extreme hair coloring
  • high updo
  • platinum blonde hair
  • hair with crimps
  • unkempt knot
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Bold and brave is the theme for the Milano Style Line. There are some subtle looks, styles, and cuts in the mix but the real emphasis is on being daring and bold; taking a risk and never looking back.
What has been created is hair art. Styled one way, you can be all business and ready for the office. Styled another way, you are ready for a night out on the town. Versatility, flexibility, fun, and exciting; that is what this hairstyles collection shoots for and they definitely more than score as you will surely see.
The different color tones emphasize the geometry of the haircuts and bring light to the face, playing with different hues: marsala, vintage pastels and satin shades. The overlapping of colors is interesting and creating unusual light filters in various nuances. Golden pink, apricot, marsala, a touch of unexpected gray: color creates shadows and textures.
Hairstyles: Itely Hairfashion
Art Director: Federica Trerè
Colorists: Itely Hairfashion Technical Team
Photography: Mauro Mancioppi