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Gilded Youth

Sassoon Creative Team

A new generation of Style Britannia is on the rise and combines elements of metropolitan fashion with the flair of aristocrats on an outing in the country. Sassoon transcends these ultra traditional British shapes, colors and flavors and translates them into a collection of distinct looks that are far from being even close to understatement.
  • long panel of hair
  • boyish tousled fringe
  • helmet of hair
  • cap of hair
  • modified bob
  • twisted hair
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Graduated cuts with rounded shapes and long fringes are shaped with Sassoon perfection to "little caps of hair on top of the head", as Mark Hayes, Sassoon Creative Director, explains. Underneath those caps long panels of hair create the effect of a style on top of a style a novel duality with intense appeal. Colors capture the light on the natural landscapes and display it with stunning intensity.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team
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