Gilded Youth by Sassoon

Hair with metropolitan elements
A new generation of Style Britannia combines elements of metropolitan fashion with the flair of aristocrats on an outing in the country. Sassoon transcends these ultratraditional British shapes, colors and flavors and translates them into a collection of distinct looks that are far from being even close to understatement.
Graduated cuts with rounded shapes and long fringes are shaped with Sassoon perfection to "little caps of hair on top of the head", as Mark Hayes, Sassoon Creative Director, explains. Underneath those caps long panels of hair create the effect of a style on top of a style. A novel duality with intense appeal. Hair colors capture the light on the natural landscapes and display it with stunning intensity.

Cut with Different Lengths

Haircut with different lengths
Multilength hairstyle
The morning sun blonde helmet of sleekness thrills with its sharp angles and the asymmetric cutting line full of precision and attitude. A long, equally straight panel of hair juts out from beneath to accent a padded shoulder before it displays its modern nobility with a square ending.
The wild twin of the controlled gentleman in the second picture sports a boyish tousled fringe to top off a consequently geometric lined creation underneath. It sets itself apart from the rest through its wind blown texture as well as the golden hue, just a few steps lighter than the rest. Long panels down the sides underline the eccentric character.

Cap Hair Design

Short helmet shape haircut
Cap design for hair with different colors
Sleek as can be this molded helmet of hair boasts perfectly drawn lines that wrap the hair across the forehead before it connects to the nape in a leaf-shaped point. Hair color is used to bring activity into the uniform and smooth surface and to define the shape with shades of autumn foliage ranging from a burgundy red in the back to chestnut and honey gold on top and in front.
The roundness of the first look is restyled to show off the precise angles that were hidden underneath the flow. The idea of a "cap" design is most evident in this look with its contrast of light and dark hair colors and a rounded top section floating on a hard-edged base.

Modified Bob

Modified bob haircut with a high part
Short haircut with a buzzed section
With a color as innocent as an early mornings mist on the English countryside, the modified bob style displays an ethereal aura. Parted high on the crown, just off center, the long fringe seduces with its strong shape and full determination. A gentle lift on the roots provides roundness and volume, while the side is demure and curved along the face.
This second version of the style brings out the graduated and velvety short top section on the side. The longer sections of the hair, right below the buzz and in the fringe are twisted and pulled out to break the silence and invite to roam and play in an imaginary fairy forest.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team
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