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Emoi VĂ©nitien

Hairstyles Created by Sergio Bossi

Each look of Sergio Bossi's new summer hairstyles collection tells a story. These are lighthearted, romantic and sensual with the intricate style and mystery of a weekend in Venice. A carnival of seduction bathed in the fresh morning light of a city that has seduced millions of people for centuries.
  • medium hair with large curls
  • soft curls
  • timeless style for long hair
  • soft haircut
  • short hairstyle with a longer neckline
  • fashionable short haircuts
  • youthful short hair look
  • casanova
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Bossi's summer looks recreate the feeling of Venice's classy opulence that becomes even brighter with its dance on the edge of decadence and decline.
Sensual curls and silky straights reflect natural red tones and are created with the flow of the modern natural women in mind. More constructed shorter looks are part of the grand event as well as feisty creations for the mischievous temptresses and beaus. Shapes are soft and fluid.
Hairstyles: Sergio Bossi
Make-up: Maniacha
Styling: Nado Al Tabbal
Photos: Alain Bocquet
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