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Anne Veck Hairstyles

With her new collection of ├╝ber-glamorous hairstyles Anne Veck reawakens the seductive feminine energy that was covered in a flood of androgynous styles. Flowing lines, smooth contours, high volume and sexy textures are a wake-up call for the senses and bring stylish heat back to our cities.
A glossy range of blonde and red hues increase the temptation and intensity making her styles not only irresistible but also center of attention wherever they show up.
  • seductively ladylike look
  • red-coppery blonde hair
  • hair styled with long waves
  • short style for red hair
  • coppery red hair
  • bright red hair
  • ruby red hue for hair
  • crinkled hair
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In her architecture of hairstyles curls and straight play an equally strong role and are often combined in one look. Texturing is only used to soften the lines and the sophisticated styling makes these luscious looks perfect for any occasion and setting.
Hair: Anne Veck
Styling: Charlotte Woodly
Make-up: Cheryl Corea
Photography: Charlotte Kibble
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