Femme by é SALON

Adventurous hairstyles
This collection from é SALON includes a wide range of hairstyles that represent stylized representations of very feminine attributes. The looks themselves are the haute couture of hair.
The textures are sleek and shiny, and the styling elements include maximum-volume curls teased into frothy clouds; clean, smooth lines; and asymmetrical up-styles. These styles won't be common to the streets, but may inspire you to be a little more adventurous in your own looks.

Modern Short Bob

Modern short bob with sharp clean cutting lines
There's nothing quite as classic as the chic, sassy bob. This short bob has all the modern earmarks of the hyper-styled bob: smoothly tapered ends forming a spherical silhouette, sharp clean lines along the fringe and perimeter of the cut, and the slightly rounded corners.
The styling is glossy and smooth - blown to be straight and ironed to be sleek. The products are designed to enhance the gloss of the hair and ensure the crisp finish of the look.

Curved Bob

Bob with curved cutting lines
This bob is another glossy look, but features full-on asymmetry. The long, angle-cut and side-swept fringe is softly feathered and the hair is styled to a blown-straight, satiny smoothness.
The top section is drawn forward with a sharp parting and forms a dominant forelock that sweeps across the eyes. The perimeter at the nape area is cut with a clean, curved line and there is likely undercutting to ensure the smooth curve of the ends toward the skin.

Asymmetrical Up Style

Sleek and glossy asymmetrical updo
A sleek, tight up-style receives asymmetrical and amorphous elements in this unusual look. The model's long hair is slicked back to the top of the head and overlapped to form a torus-shaped mass off-center on the head.
The look is structured, sleek and glossy, with nary a hair out of place - as such hairstyles need to be. Creation of the look likely involves the use of a band to gather the hair in position and then the exterior of what is at that point a ponytail is teased to add volume, then the interior is divided and rolled under to form the shape seen above.

Swept Up and Back

Long hair swept up and back over the forehead
If I said that a hairstyle was "swept up and back over the forehead, pumped for volume, and featured a mass of curls down the back and on the ends of the style" you would probably picture a very different look from the one above.
While technically correct, the description fails to do justice to the modern twist the styling in this look grants. The volume-amplification in the fringe area of the top section is encased in a satiny-smooth outer layer of hair. The curls at the back come at the ends of a smoothed-out length and flared into high-volume curl.

Modern Bowl Cut

Updated bowl cut for blonde hair
The bowl cut was a 60s classic that spawned variations like the Purdey. In this up-to-date rendition, the cutting line takes an asymmetrical turn, angling more sharply along the left side of the face while creating a blockier corner on the right.
The blonde hair is blown straight and ironed smooth to create a clean finish and ensure a satiny glow to the hair. Use a lightweight styling product to recreate this look as stiff-hold gels and pastes will fail to allow the kind of lightness and movement to make the look successful.

Modern Flip Style

Modern flip style with curlse
A blunt cut fringe and center or side parted upper sections are styled smooth down the sides into curl on the ends. It sounds like the recipe for the "flip" style made popular by TVs Marlo Thomas in "That Girl." But with the modern interpretation, the single up-turned flip on the ends of the hair becomes clouds of frothy curls, creating horizontal depth and focus in the style.
To counter-balance the soft-foamy curls at the bottom of the style, fringe and upper sections of the hair are styled to a glossy-straight finish. Secure the style if you're recreating it at home with a liberal infusion of hairspray.
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-up: Margot Reagan using Mac
Styling: Ana MacDonald
Photography: Steven Murray
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