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Hairstyles for summer
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Making a choice for a new hairstyle does not mean you will look the same every day. Especially not when you ask John Beerens and his creative team. Their new line of summer styles features cute cuts that can be styled in many ways and go along with your busy lifestyle.
Short, medium and long cuts are transformed by adding curls, changing the direction of the flow and playing with different textures. As different as they all may look at the first glance, the common denominator of these flirty and feminine looks are soft lines, natural colors with warm intensity, fresh and uncomplicated appearance and all are based on a refined cut and focused styling.

Short Tapered Hairstyle

Short tapered haircut that hugs the face
The face hugging tapering along the sides helps with a snug fit of the oval shaped, layered and textured short cut. Very short undercut sections peek through the generous, diagonal fringe and boost the fresh and feisty chic of this charming redhead.
The mastery of the haircut finds its equal in the refined balance of hair color with darker and lighter, warm and cool tones of red to achieve a very dynamic, multidimensional surface.

Party Style for Short Hair

Short hair with festive styling for a party
With just a little modification, the previous short hairstyle goes from chic and casual to flamboyant and festive. The key is the fringe and with a little lift and sideward movement a new energy emerges and the entire character of the cut changes.
This playful wispiness is quick and easy to do at home and a great way to dress up the daytime short hair look for a sparkling time at a party.

Extended Neckline

Short haircut with longer hair in the nape
Bring attention to your nape with a short haircut that features a textured longer section of hair in the neck. The main body of the thick layered cut is a rounded shape with its weight line at about ear level.
The fringe, however, gets all the attention. It flows almost parallel to the eyebrows along the forehead in a determined motion, accelerated even more with streaks of a summer fresh raspberry red on the nutmeg brown base.

Short Hairstyle with a Longer Nape

Trendy short hair with a longer nape section
For a more sophisticated look, the momentum of the last style was calmed to a sleek face framing serenity. The fringe has now settled for a gentle asymmetrical flow in a smooth transition to the face hugging sides.
The nape is still celebrated with a longer, textured section of hair and a fun, super trendy element is the short undercut that just peeks through as a little teaser in the corner where the bangs meet the partition line.

Uncomplicated Hairstyle

Uncomplicated shoulder length hairstyle for brown hair
Uncomplicated and natural is the flow and motion of the smooth layers that frame her face with a fancy side partition and gentle choppy layers. The appearance is silky and light, perfect for work environments or semi casual outings.
To give this shoulder length hairstyle a strong trendy boost the top pivot point is in the middle of the crown and then the short partition line is drawn in a sharp angle. A little lift on the roots is good for overall volume.

Shoulder Length Curls

Brown shoulder length hair with curls
Every now and then we all need a boost. And what is better than a simple, but oh so effective transformation from sleek layers to a head full of springy, happy curls! So get out those rollers and let those spirals put a new smile on your face.
The layers guarantee a good distribution of the curly volume and keep an even shape. Most important: do not brush. Otherwise the new glory will turn into a wooly mess.

Beautiful Layers

Long brown hairstyle with layers for movement
Long and generous layers are styled out of the face and to an attractive swinging movement. The dance of silken waves and large curls is romantic and luxurious, but still casual enough to wear every day and everywhere. The feminine softness of this hairstyle is underlined by the warm glow of the chocolaty brown color.

Updo with Curls

Pinned up hair with curls
With just a couple of moves, the long layered hairstyle from the last picture is transformed to a more glamorous, elegant version. Working with the asymmetry of the side partition the hair on the smaller side was gathered and pinned up in the back so that it cascades down the other side and a beautiful waterfall of chocolate colored curls comes down to her shoulder.

Summer Blonde

Free and easy long blonde hair style for summer
A free and easy hairstyle that will make you look summerlicious on the water or at work. Lightly mussed long layers frame the face in a golden glow, highlighted for a very natural sun bleached effect and with a simple styling. A little lift on the roots generates more volume all around.

Butterfly Effect

Long blonde hair styled with a butterfly effect
After a short metamorphosis, in this case rollers and/or a curling iron replaced the cocoon, a new image emerges and spreads her wings for her flight of beauty. The long, clearly defined curls sit mostly in the tips and lower third of the hair, giving the look a very natural appeal. Different shades of blondes give more spark and dimension.
Hairstyles: Team John Beerens Haarstudio
Hair Products: CHI and SunGlitz by Farouk Systems USA
Make-up: Elise Thieme for Pupa
Photography: Paul Bekkers
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