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Avi Malka Hair Styling

Baroque opulence is the vision of hairstylist extraordinaire, Avi Malka. Israel's number one artist of hair created a series of hairstyles full of delightful decadence, over the top luxury, against-all-odds statements of outrageous, bold beauty. His looks are fairy tales translated into hair.
  • waist length hair
  • pompadour hairdo
  • blonde finger waves.
  • twirling hair
  • baroque up-style
  • haute couture hairdo
  • beehive up-styles
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Extensions, wigs and hair-pieces contribute to fulfill his dreams of spectacular hair and the results are sculptures in platinum blonde that seem to be made for a modern royal court.
Avi Malka takes the viewer to a world of fantasy where divine shapes tap on the deep desire for abundance and he invites us to get intoxicated by this celebration of art and luxury.
Twirled and twisted textures, large waves, high volume, extreme shapes are the main elements for his oversized and cosmic selection. The looks are made for the runway but will hopefully spark a more daring approach and new opulence in the hairstyles that are seen in every day life. Why keep it humble if hair can do this!?
Hair: Avi Malka Hair Styling