Avi Malka Hair Styling

Blonde hairstyles with extensions
Baroque opulence is the vision of hairstylist extraordinaire, Avi Malka. Israel's number one artist of hair created a series of hairstyles full of delightful decadence, over the top luxury, against all odds statements of outrageous, bold beauty. His looks are fairy tales translated into hair.
Extensions, wigs and hair pieces contribute to fulfill his dreams of spectacular hair, and the results are sculptures in platinum blonde that seem to be made for a modern royal court.
Avi Malka takes the viewer to a world of fantasy where divine shapes tap on the deep desire for abundance and he invites us to get intoxicated by this celebration of art and luxury.
Twirled and twisted textures, large waves, high volume, extreme shapes are the main elements for his oversized and cosmic selection. The looks are made for the runway but will hopefully spark a more daring approach and new opulence in the hairstyles that are seen in everyday life. Why keep it humble if hair can do this?

Cloak of Curls

Rapunzel look with waist length platinum blonde hair
Rapunzel's modern sister wears her platinum ocean of hair in a trapeze shape created by innumerable thick waves that cascade in a wild flow from the side-parted crown and turn into large curls towards the ends.
The hair reaches to the waist and it does not have to be real to be true, we all love illusions. The diagonal line from the forehead down is complemented by a large, glistening barrette on the opposite side.

Pompadour with a Bow

Pompadour hairdo for blonde hair
The cotton candy volume is textured with tiny waves and crinkles in the sugar colored hair and despite its enormous size the eccentric updo is rather light. Adorned with a large bow of hair in front this hairstyle is a true gift of extravagant creativity.
Blunt cut, thick bangs and beveled sides contribute a refreshing contrast to the full roundness on top.

Ondulated Wreath

Blonde medium length hair with large finger waves
Large finger waves keep the fringe close to the head and smoothly run into a full wreath of large curls. The sudden volume on the side rises from a smooth crown section and is evenly distributed along the perimeter.
The hair color of spun sugar gives this spectacular romantic hairstyle a halo like glow with an air of dreamy mystery.

Twirled Centerpiece

Blonde updo with twirled hair
Become the belle of the ball with a hairstyle befitting a queen. Elaborate rolls twirl their way along and around each other on the top of the head in a narrow "Mohawk" from the back to the forehead.
The sides are strictly pulled up and held in place with decorative combs. A hairpiece makes this sensual and glamorous look achievable.

High Rolling

Baroque up-style for blonde hair
Baroque as can be this updo will outshine all others. The hair was sculpted over a roll that runs from the back along the side of the crown to the forehead where it curves in a dip to the other side. The center is filled with a double twisted braid that adds a surreal glamour to the mesmerizing style.

Haute Couture Hairstyle

Haute couture hairdo
A plate sized disk created out of hair resembles an exotic haute couture hat. It is attached slightly off to the side and decorated with a bejeweled pin in its center. A remarkable effect also comes from the crinkled texture of the hair.
Underneath the seemingly weightless addition, her hair was pulled together in a strict ballerina style with its base hidden by the round sculpture.

Beehive Updo and Peasant Braids

Blonde beehive up-styles with peasant braids
A combination of beehive updos and peasant braids creates ethereal and delightfully unusual up styles that enchant with their different and highly precious surfaces and textures.
A variety of looks can be created with this base idea as the long braids can be slung and wound in many different ways around the center bulge. The results are always feminine and powerful looks that hint on the Richard Wagner's Valkyries.
Hair: Avi Malka Hair Styling
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