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Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare!

The play of shapes, colors and motion is not only rich in contrast but also results in the creation of a three dimensional character of hair, that catches your eye with its simple elegance, clear shapes and tantalizing colors.
Adjusted to each individual type, the hairstyle collection CoCOON underlines the casual, feminine cornucopia of variations with its versatility generated by skill and finesse - be it elegant, classic or flirtatious and playful.
  • fringe with an upward roll
  • long hair with sleekness
  • piled curls
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Reflecting colors and softly incorporated nuances that are set tone in tone transform the elaborate cutting and styling techniques to light and flexible designs, that easily adapt to different contours. In the blink of an eye a morning business styling can turn into a statement of seduction in the evening.
Patricia Normann's CoCOON Collection uses the metamorphosis of a butterfly as her inspiration. One moment a fully functioning caterpillar and suddenly a divaesque beauty emerges in the glow of the evening sun.
Even textures enable flexible stylings with numerous variations that can be adapted in their shape and expression to every mood.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Photography: Michel de Vries
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