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The Imagination hairstyles collection created by Intercoiffure Mondial offers bold, strong looks for women who love the styles form the sixties and eighties. The haircuts of this collection tend to be light and tapered, and mixed with colors. The trend of the style is to capture the sensuality of the city woman.
Using mixtures of color that highlight the style is extremely relevant to this collection of hairstyles. Using different shades to merge with each other creates unique and vibrating tones. For the tips, honey blond is used for illumination. Passion is revealed with light oranges mixed with dark reds. Layering is complimented with warm browns.
  • woman with modern haircut
  • medieval appeal
  • sensual look
  • fanciful haircut
  • man with a seductive look
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The hairstyles in this collection are mostly straight, but waves and movement can be adopted by simply working the hand through the style. Using tapered and graduated layers gives the style extra volume. Fringes can be long or short and styled at the side or in the back.
Mixing textures and effects with a subtle softness is the goal of this collection. The stylings use different lengths to create irregular and geometric shapes. The volume adds movement, giving these looks a simplicity and elegance.
Hairstyles: © Intercoiffure Mondial