Imagination by Intercoiffure Mondial

Haircuts with 1960s and 1980s inspiration
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The 'Imagination' hairstyles collection, created by Intercoiffure Mondial, offers bold, strong looks for women who love the styles of the sixties and eighties. The haircuts in this collection tend to be light and tapered, and are mixed with vibrant colors. The trend of the style is to capture the sensuality of the urban woman.
Using color mixtures that highlight the style is extremely relevant to this collection of hairstyles. Utilizing different shades to blend with each other creates unique and vibrant tones. For the tips, honey blonde is used for illumination. Passion is revealed with light oranges mixed with dark reds. Layering is complemented with warm browns.
The hairstyles in this collection are mostly straight, but waves and movement can be achieved by simply running your hand through the style. Utilizing tapered and graduated layers adds extra volume to the style. Fringes can be styled long or short, at the side or in the back.
The goal of this collection is to mix textures and effects with subtle softness. Different lengths are utilized to create irregular and geometric shapes. The volume adds movement, giving these looks a sense of simplicity and elegance.

South Africa - Modern Hairstyle

Modern hairstyle with layering
Hair cut to slim the neck
South African hairstylist Johan Nortje presents us with a beautifully structured haircut. With a resolutely modern style, this woman exudes purpose and mystery, reminiscent of a secret agent. The hair is layered from shortest to longest, creating a geometric curved line that slims the neck.
Two locks frame the face: one starts at the forehead and joins the hair at the nape, while another, finer strand delicately graces the side of the face. These opposing lengths, paired with an off-center parting, create an irregular line. Colors ranging from brick to mahogany, from darkest to lightest, underline the movement and intensity of the haircut.

Norway - Carefree Hairstyle

Carefree hairstyle
Haircut with alternatively short and long locks
Hairstylist Ulf Schjerpen from Norway has chosen a woman with medieval appeal, fascinating and surprising with a wild 'groomed disarranged' appearance.
Locks are alternately cut short or long, starting from the crown. They are layered and mixed in a carefully disordered manner with skillful spiking and layering. A discrete mini-parting marks the beginning of a strong, arrogant fringe falling to one side.
This bold volume, carefree yet light, is tousled by hand. It is showcased in tones of color dyed from the roots to the tips. Light and dark red, orange, and warm chestnut are merged and combined.

Italy - Lively Hairstyle

Versatile medium length hairstyle with movement
Lively medium long hairstyle
Something magical emanates from this sensual woman. Italian hairstylist Tullio Talia creates an elegant, versatile hairstyle by mixing different lengths, cut in a double movement - forward and back. This showcases the volume of hair around the head with layered and lightened locks.
A short, supple fringe graces the forehead or is discreetly swept aside to reveal the features. At the back of the neck, smooth tapered half-length hair surrounds the nape.
Different tones, mixed with dark sandy and golden blond, combine to bring luminosity like a flash of sunlight to this lively hairstyle.

France - Fanciful Hairstyle

Fanciful hairstyle with spiking and volume
Feather-light hair with different lengths
The French woman is a city dweller, and she wears her hairstyle like a natural crown. This haircut by Paul Fran├žois for Alain Divert, entirely layered, maintains the texture of the hair. The cutting technique, combined with spiking all over the hair, creates a fanciful, airy volume.
Locks arranged in an oval around the face can be styled to match the mood. Different lengths of hair are feather-light. The dimension created this way is enhanced by soft tones of copper, golden, or honey pastel blond, used exclusively on glimmering tips.

Germany - Flexible Hairstyle

Flexible hairstyle for men
Seductive hair for men
The man known as "Electroboggie" boasts an amusing style, alternatively provocative and seductive. This flexible hairstyle, created by German hairstylist Holger Maas, is a skillful combination of soft symmetry and irregularities. The hair surrounding the face and the nape is clipped straight, while the entire head features layered, overlapping lengths.
The neck is complemented by tapered locks. A long fringe on one side conceals the temples, which are cut shorter, or can be combed to the back. Hues of pale chestnut and darker tones give metallic glints and enhance the varied lengths of cuts.
Hairstyles: © Intercoiffure Mondial
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