North Western Regional Winners

Softly Spiked Haircut

Spiked medium length haircut
Toni and Guy Salon won the L'Oréal Colour Trophy with the softly spiked razor-cut layers of this medium length hairstyle. A diagonally angled part leads to the effortless looking side sweep of the long bangs.
All edges of the layers, which were cut in an angle declining from back to front, are flipped out to large and delightfully wispy tips. Much movement and volume come with a color that is a true must have for this season and for others. A deep and rich burgundy with chocolate accents.

Textured Curls

Long hair with textured curls
A long cascade of razor-textured curls earned Barbara Daley Salon a L'Oréal Colour Trophy to take home. The happy winner put much romance into her models long red hair and added a couple of twists into the mix to make it contemporary and ravishing.
The first twist is in the fringe. It is lifted and swung backward, forming an intriguing little bump, just a tad off center. A great effect is the straight tendrils with their extended length that are sticking out randomly along the sides. Her waves are very even and balanced throughout.

Asymmetrical Purdey Look

Asymmetrical Purdey haircut
A shift of perception can make the day a little brighter. This short asymmetrical hairstyle is tilted slightly to one side and convinced the judges to give a L'Oréal Colour Trophy to the Francesco Group. Modeled after one of the great classic looks of the 60s, this extravagant version of a round cut has the finest of textures all around its shapely perimeter.
Elegance and simplicity are spiced up with the unobtrusive but intense choice of color. The more you look at it, the more you want it. A very dark base comes with needle thin strands of the brightest, richest orchid purple.

Spiky Tips Hairstyle

Men's cut with spiky tips
Daniel Gray Salon created a men's hairstyle with sharp, razor cut tips and earned the Men's Image Award. Well deserved. This innovative cut for men almost has too many great elements to list.
The dark brown and medium brown colors work together to get much visual depth into the hair and they enhance the unkempt sexiness of this creation. Shorter strands next to heavy texture and long points make this style very lively. It is styled straight all around, keeping close the head and his stubble bearded face.
Photo Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel