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Creative Collection

J.7 School Creative Collection

Unfiltered, uncomplicated and free is the essence of the latest creation from the creative minds at J.7.
The selected styles represent overflowing imagination and boundless frolicking enjoying colors and shapes. They will take the spectator to a land where fantasy is more important than reason.
  • silver hair
  • style with hair extensions
  • spiky hair for a punk look
  • hair with spikes
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Long lines, intense textures, layers of varying lengths and bright eruptions of color are the key elements that fill these looks with a spirit that is contagious in its joy and artistic nature.
J.7 creates looks for open minded, active people who like things to be casual but also expressive and unique.
Let's play!
Hairstyles & Make-Up: J.7 artistic team
Photos: Vlado Golub
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