Creative Collection by J.7

Creative hairstyles for open minded people
Unfiltered, uncomplicated and free is the essence of the latest creation from the creative minds at J.7. The selected styles represent overflowing imagination and boundless frolicking enjoying colors and shapes. They will take the spectator to a land where fantasy is more important than reason.
Long lines, intense textures, layers of varying lengths and bright eruptions of color are the key elements that fill these looks with a spirit that is contagious in its joy and artistic nature.
The J.7 artistic team creates looks for open minded, active people who like things to be casual but also expressive and unique. Let's play!

Silver Twins

Platinum hair with a silver metallicshine
Two versions of one idea bring artsy vibes to the world with their layers of color and varying lengths. A super bleached platinum with a silver metallic shine is enhanced even more by the graphite colored overlay.
The hair was cut in a rounded shape at the bottom but then the big surprise is the top layer that features highly textured lengths that are styled to pointed streaks all around the head.

Paradise Bird

Layered and spiked hairstyle with hair extensions
This long, layered and spiked style shows off a range of textures and a rainbow of colors. Like the holiday plumage of an exotic bird in a land that has not yet been discovered this look brings a regal, colorful vibe to our times.
The over the waist long blonde and green, strongly textured veil like strands can be created with the help of hair extensions. These serve as an amazing contrast to the more rough and choppy, spiked up top section that gradually increases in length down the back.

Fantasy with Layers

Long spiky hair for a punk look
It defies gravity and attracts attention. Long layers have magically been taken out of their weighty restraints and reach high up like spiky rays around a beaming star.
The fluffy creation reaches its high point in two long cotton candy textured appendages in cherry red. One throws a mysterious shadow on the forehead the other leads the eyes below the shoulder.


Hair with short spikes in the nape and longer top hair
Pure harmony and an intricate evolution of patterns and structures make this forward moving creation an instant favorite.
The development of the short, straight spikes in the nape to longer strands that are driven straight to the sky before they begin bending, curving and turning into beautiful waves that cascade down the forehead in a bubbling stream of pure gold is a pure delight!
Hairstyles & Make-Up: J.7 artistic team
Photos: Vlado Golub