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Jacques Dessange

Hairstyles Spring Summer 2007

Jacques Dessange goes completely over the top with ravishing long silky hairlines with precision layers that lie in a smooth coif and others in round sumptuous curls and still more with ultra feminine curls and waves that will hold you breathless.
  • long hair angled along the sides
  • graceful waves and curls
  • brunette hair with long waves
  • long hair with curly coils
  • same length bob
  • hair fringed around the face
  • hairstyle with long rich waves
  • fringe that goes over the collar
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There are sophisticated short hairstyles with light flawless lines that seem to captivate your heart and touch your very soul. Whether you are searching for a lighthearted creation or something that brings a little power and punch in your life, you're sure to find it here.
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