Ravishing styles for long and short hair
DESSANGE goes completely over the top with ravishing long silky hairlines with precision layers that lie in a smooth coif and others in round sumptuous curls and still more with ultra feminine curls and waves that will hold you breathless.
There are sophisticated short hairstyles with light flawless lines that seem to captivate your heart and touch your very soul. Whether you are searching for a lighthearted creation or something that brings a little power and punch in your life, you're sure to find it here.

Angles along the Sides

Long hair angled along the sides
There is nothing as stunning like the appearance of an au natural shade of light brown hair with subtle rays of sun glittering throughout the very long hairstyle.
The light fluffy angles are manifested along the sides that brush against the face and around the neck and then fall below the shoulders. The top is tweaked coming from the crown into carefree structures that are pieced upon her forehead and over the eyebrows.

Graceful Waves and Curls

Long hair with graceful waves and curls
Like soothing lush waves that roll upon the sandy beach is our golden mermaid's long hair in rolls of graceful waves and curls. With her hair colored in blondes and warm browns by the artist's brush and the lure of the fantasy of a sailor's song.
The bangs are gathered above the eyebrows with some sections straight and wispy, while other parts are in coils.

Dark Brunette Waves

Brunette hair with long waves
The seducing spirit of dark brunette hair in deep luxurious rolling waves captures our attention as we note the straight even part that allows for the fullness on the sides. The tumbling bulk of layers of coils gather around the shoulders and in the back as the spellbinding hairstyle continues to keep us mesmerized with its charm.

Carefree Long Curls

Carefree long hairstyle with curls
Carefree billows of independent curly coils flounce around in a series of party layers bringing an atmosphere of homespun sweetness. The bangs capture the forehead in sprite curls that tip over the eyebrows while other pieces are above the brows.
The special and unique formula of warm browns and blondes embrace the summer season all year long. This particular color combination along with the long curls will pull anyone out of the winter humdrums.

Same Length Bob

Blonde same length neckline bob
Confidence can sometimes be in your haircut when you find the winning customized hairstyle just for you. Perhaps your new look might be as the bob pictured in the photograph that is edged along the neckline in the back and moves into the same length around the sides.
The top bangs have a large jag part with longer bangs that come down and curve around the chin.

Fringed around the Face

Brunette bob with the hair fringed around the face
Our light brown hair is not quite a bob, yet in places we can see the blunt edging that marks the sign of a bob. There are subtle layers that are fringed around the face and bulky split bangs that divide the hairstyle to begin the angling that we see.
The back rides up into a collar cuffing approach making this a very chic and seasoned short haircut.

Rich Waves

Dark hair style with long rich waves
The peacock fan of dark waves is exhilarated by the side part that brings the heavy top over into the fertile lunge upon the side of her forehead.
The long hair accepts the challenge and flies up into a gust of wind revealing all the glory of the elaborate rich waves that cover the shoulders and parts of the sky that is seen beyond. Truly a strong statement met with delicacy.

Flipped Up and Out

Blonde over the collar hairstyle
A little windblown effect can change your entire life if you are up for the transformation. Our model has lovely taffy colored blonde hair that is fashioned in long layers with swirls of pieces moving heavily across her forehead like frosting on a cake or pools of icing.
There are incredible lines of hair that are flipped up and out, with other scratchy sections that brush next to her face. The back has a fringe that goes over her collar.