Close Up by Michel Dervyn

Wearable hairstyles for a sophisticated look
With his new collection "Close Up" master of hair Michel Dervyn presents us a line of wearable, sophisticated looks that are ready for the limelight. The flattering styles are cut to flow naturally while always keeping an elegant shape and sensuous vibe.
The feminine styles are medium long and textured or curled; the long looks come with a twisted surprise.
Fine textures that are never overpowering and the radiance of natural colors could make these looks for men and women the favorites of the fashion minded for the next season and more.

Silky Volume

Shoulder length bob with a trendy trapeze shape
Natural, wild and exploding with trendy texture - this long bob is irresistible. The hair was cut to a shoulder long trapeze shape with finely textured tips. The part is anchored in the center of the crown, but moved over to the side to bring in more movement and interest.
The intriguing element of this look is the styling. Saturated with a flexible but strong styling product the straight hair overlaps and lifts up in selected sections to create this light and tantalizing volume.

Defined Curls

Youthful shoulder length hair with waves and curls
A head full of waves and curls is always romantic and luxurious. Especially when the curls are as defined as they are in this example. Here the shoulder length hair was rolled over medium curlers and just gently arranged in shape with the hands once the curls were set.
Deep bangs bring a youthful touch. The color is a mild golden blonde that enhances the glamorous feel of this charming style.

Tingling Texture

Simple blonde shoulder length hairstyle with long bangs
This classic, simplistic style for medium long hair has been updated with the finest texturing that can be cut. Straight hair at shoulderlength was given long bangs, a simple center part and a light tapering on the sides to better frame the face.
All cutting lines were thinned to an extremely subtle texture that gives a unique transparency to the edges and radiates a new tingling energy.

Faux French

Long blonde hair twisted like a rope
At first glance you think that you are looking at a classic French braid. Look again. This beautiful look for long hair is twisted like a rope. Beginning at the forehead the hair was gathered from the sides to the top of the head where it was bound with small rubber bands of which there are a total of 6.
Then the tail portion was sectioned in two long strands, each treated with smoothing lotion and then twisted individually before they were twisted around each other.

Twisted Updo

Updo with a braid slung around the head
Based on the previous look of the "Faux French" braid, this updo was created to show off the texture of the braid even better.
The long ponytail was slung around the head and fastened invisibly with pins. A great example for an elegant peasant look.

Short, Thick and Choppy

Layered haircut with a short neck for brown hair
Beautiful tousled hair will always have a place in the world of fashion and trends. This wild look is based on a layered cut with a short neck and gradually lengthening hair towards the front, culminating in the long, thick and heavy bangs.
The hair was cut to a choppy, chunky texture and kneaded with product to get the most lift at the roots and motion, especially in front.

Bed Hair

Bed head hair look for men
It might appear like the look of the morning after, but for this handsome man it might just be the look before. Neatly cut sideburns and nape section make room for a thick mass of layered and tousled top section that does not want to confine to any rules.
Much lift but gentle flowing lines with a few teasing strands reaching into the forehead will put this beau on the "most wanted" list.

Dynamo in Walnut

Easy to maintain haircut for active men
Short sides and long layers on top with heavy movement are the look for active men of fashion. Easy to maintain and always sexy, this haircut is not just extremely trendy, but also versatile. Men with attitude who don't spend their lives in a cubicle are finding new ways of expressing themselves. Michel Dervyn gently nudges them in the right direction.
Hairstyles: Michel Dervyn