Tchip - Winter 09

Feminine and romantic hairstyles
In the mind's eye of the stylists of Tchip, winter will be cool and breezy. With a blend of razor-cut and softly-layered haircuts the looks for the season seem to be soft, feminine and romantic.
To add further appeal, many of the cuts that may seem initially to be single-purpose, can be styled to create a completely new look, or at least the ability to jazz up the look in a new direction.

Loose Long Hair

Loose long hair with layers for softness
In this hairstyle the hair is long with a full fringe section and minimal layers in a predominantly blunt cut. In this case, the purpose of the layers is to soften the ends of the hair and provide some roundness to the silhouette. The color is natural, and the interplay in highlighting and lowlights are very subtle - gradient in shades that shift only one to two levels at a time.
The styling is very loose and free-form. Blow-out the hair using a light-hold product and the fingers to create a soft finish. Use a dab of additional product to create some separation in the strands but keep the hair from looking "hard".

Short Razor-Cut Hairstyle

Short face framing hair cut with a razor
The short, razor-cut haircut shown here is the same you'll see in the next hairstyle as well. This incarnation of the cut shows perfectly the smoothly-spaced layers of the cut and the choppy edges of the perimeter.
Shown here, the hair is styled to frame and hug the face using a blow-out style executed with a brush to create soft, diffuse swaths of hair that fan across the cheeks and drape gently across the forehead. Use a light styling product - such as mousse - in this styling version to prevent an overly-structured look. The result is a look that is soft, casual and alluring.

Hair Directed Back

Short hair lifted and directed back
The even-layered, short razor-cut hairstyle from the previous hairstyle gets a lift using a blow-out styling with volumizing products and a round brush to give the hair lift in the top sections and direct the hair back along the sides.
The re-styling accentuates the vertical lines of the look and draws attention to the upper portions of the face. The choppy perimeter is still evident in the nape area, but the rounded silhouette provides a chic, semi-sleek appeal.

Youthful Look

Short layered hair with a youthful appeal
The milky luminous blonde of this model's hair is made youthfully appealing with the short, layered, razor-cut crop. The perimeter is pared down to a fine-textured finish leaving the hair looking ultra-fine and delicate. The pale locks lend themselves well to the casual styling, adding a touch of pizzazz to keep the haircut from being boring.
You can get this look for yourself using a blow-dryer and flat brush with a gentle hold product to give the hair a little structure and bend. Use the hair's natural parting line to define the focus of the style allows for an organic feel to the styling, yet still retain a controlled look.

Vertical Focus

Short face slimming hairstyle
The razor-cut crop of the previous hairstyle is revisited in this look that takes the soft, casual feel and hones it to an edge. The luminous blonde color positively shines in this highly-contrived haircut. The short hair gets structure and lift by using a firm-hold product and is styled for full volume in the top section.
The sides and back are kept low-key in contrast, but the two combined create an ideal vertical focus that helps to slim a wide face and elongate roundness, while bringing attention to the eyes. The style can be sculpted with a blow-dryer and round brush to raise the hair in the top sections. Use a root-lift spray to give stability and long-lasting hold. A dab of smoothing serum helps keep the side and nape sections defined and smooth.

Mid-Length Layered Haircut

Mid-length hairstyle with layers
This mid-length, layered haircut features tapering interior layers that help to create the soft, gradient in the bulk of the hair. The color is a soft, cinnamon-hued auburn with streaks of warm, blonde running throughout at the corners of the face.
The styling is blow-out straight with mostly forward direction to create a shag-like effect while emphasizing the curved lines of the silhouette. The downward drape of the fringe area makes the style look more edgy and "come-hither".

Low-Volume Sweep

Medium hairstyle with layers and outward angling
If we take the mid-length layers of the revious hairstyle and redress the look to open up the face by drawing the hair up and back in a low-volume sweep, we can see the layers more effectively, and get a completely new feel from the style.
The highlighted locks are blended into the rest of the hairstyle and give a lighter sheen to the look, while the outward angling locks can serve to broaden a narrow face and help to mask the spacing of wide-set or out-of-proportion features.
Get this look using your classic blow-out with a large roller brush. Use a medium-hold product for maximum control and long lasting results. Follow up with a dab of smoothing serum raked through the layers to add definition.

Girl-Next-Door Look

Short hair for a casual girl next door look
Here we have another gamine haircut, in a pixie fashion. The razor-cut layers are kept choppy and randomized to give an organic look and feel to the style. The cut takes full advantage of the body-rich hair that has a mild wave pattern, creating sweeps and whorls that are lush and inviting.
The choppy edges along the perimeter of the haircut help to keep the viewer interested and provide a balance for the features. Get this casual, girl-next-door look for short hair by blow-drying the hair with a vented brush using a sculpting paste followed by the fingers and a dab of serum to give definition, and prevent the development of frizz.

Hip Energetic Look

Hip and energetic short haircut for women
When it comes time to add some rock-n-roll to your look, you need to start with nothing more than the previous haircut, and add a new product and direction for the styling. By shifting the hair's direction to the vertical, you create a broader silhouette, with vertical height and enhance the texture created by the razor cutting.
The finished look is hip, and very energetic with a definite rocker-chick vibe. Make the look for yourself, using a blow-dryer and brush to sweep the short hair up in the top sections and angle it up to the rear oblique corners on the sides. Follow it up with a touch of sculpting product to add definition and smooth or sculpt the curls at the ends as you desire them.
Hair: Tchip
Make-up: Stéphane Israel
Styling: Véronique Droulez
Photography: Joseph Chiaramonte