Fine hairstyles for short and longer hair
DESSANGE creates his magic in lively colors of blonde beiges with some mixed with warmer hues. There are glossy light blondes primed in short spiffy lines and those that have a smooth touch.
The longer hair finds a smooth appealing flow with angles and still another with rippled waves. Whether your taste is refined and conservative or eccentric, you are sure to find some new ideas with this fine collection.

Short and Chic Hairstyle

Stylish short haircut for blonde hair
Jacques Dessange creates a short and chic hairstyle in a shiny beige blonde tone. There are short poufy layers with 2-3 inches length around the model's head that align up the desired volume.
The bangs in the center have been tweaked above the brows, while the hair next to the bangs falls a little bit longer and dip over the edge of the brows. The hair along the sides covers the ears and the hair poufs out on the top and the crown.

Youthful Short Haircut

Youthful short hairdo
Seamless straight lines of platinum blonde hair are seen in youthful layers that transparently cover the eyebrows and nestle around the curve of the jaw line. The top is seen to begin from the crown and pulled toward the front and evidence of a few stray strands crisscross in the front of the rest of the hair. The back cuffs around the nape and then joins the hair along the sides.

Elegant Short Hairstyle

Elegant short haircut
Jacques Deassange's hair design is presented in a beige blonde with tones of warmer streaks that are caught up close to the nape and high upon the neck.
The majority of the haircut is clipped into a blunt edge with the exception along the very bottom of the hair that delivers a cultured round elegant hairstyle that has a subtle point along the side. The bangs are tweaked into layers that flip into a gay fringe upon the forehead.

Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde haircut inspired by Mia Farrow
Ultra short blonde hair is displayed that rides over the ears and cropped into layers that magnify the pouf of hair going over the top of the head. The hairstyle resembles a cut that famous actress Mia Farrow used to wear. Michele Williams also wears her hair in this type of haircut. The back is clipped up tight.

Long Layered Hairstyle

Long layered hairstyle with angled sides
A sleek dark saddle hair color is seen with wee threads of gold and a lighter brown blend into the long layered hairstyle. There are heavy bangs that move from the crown and are construed over the eyebrows.
The angled sides have been blown toward the face and we can easily see the feathered layers and how they tilt under and around the neckline.

Blunt Angled Bob

Blunt back angled bob
A blunt angled bob is the order for the day that brings a heavy swoosh from the crown to magically hide the eyebrows. The angle begins on the bangs and edges around the face, over the ears and gathers length in the back of neckline.
There is the barest of minimum layers around the flawless haircut in single purposes that stray over the delicacy of the hairstyle.

Long Chocolate Brown Hair

Long chocolate brown hair
Long delectable chocolate brown layers of hair are seen shaped in angles beginning from the chin line toward the face and topped with indiscriminate gold stripes below her shoulders.
The bangs begin with a short center part and then midsection, are heavy and harnessed into a cuff that goes under her eyes that extends a smoky mystery to the theme of the style.

Rippled Waves

Long blonde hair with rippled waves
Jacques Dessange's long blonde creation lends an innocent flavor to the photo with the attractive rippled waves that bounce below the shoulders. The hair is sectioned in the center with two slight waves on both sides that wing out along the sides.
The rest of the hair dances out in large coils as if a breeze took hold of the hair and gave it wings.