Midlands Regional Winners

Crimped Hairstyle

Style with crimped hair
The good old crimping iron is making a comeback and Umberto Giannini Salon of Harborne even earned a L'Oréal Colour Trophy with their very creative use of the tool. The unbelievable volume is possible through the thousands and thousands of tiny waves that are crimped into her layered hair.
To make it super interesting a side part was drawn and long strands fall all over the bulging hair in straight and lines, enhanced by a lighter color. A masterpiece with much structure and love of expression.

Long Soft Curls

Hair with long soft curls
Georges Salon of Leicester put the sexy back into the fringe and got rewarded with a L'Oréal Colour Trophy. Long sweeping lines descent from a side part and fall in soft layers full of movement. Wispy upswings, flips and just the right amount of disheveling make this long hairstyle so attractive.
With all of the activity in the hair, it does not require too many coloring tricks and this smooth combination of two browns, one just a wee bit darker than the other, give it glamor and warmth.

Razor Thinned Hair

Razor thinned hair
A great way to spice up a classic look is to give it a modern touch with asymmetrical features. Theo Giorgio Salon in Solihull did just that and earned a L'Oréal Colour Trophy with this medium length hairstyle. Blunt cut bangs have a feisty curve in the center and just as much texture as the rest of this exciting look.
The asymmetrical ends, longer on one side, were thinned and textured with a razor. This process makes them so light and wispy. The hair is parted off center and shines in a flattering walnut brown color.

Men's Shag Haircut

Shag haircut for men
Who would have thought that the shag haircut can be made even better! M&M Spa Hairdressing of Brierly Hill did just that and as a reward for their creative treatment of a classic, they received a Men's Image Award. Determined chunky cuts and slicing throughout the layers of this shag look gives the hair its rebellious character.
It can be spiked up or down and has many styling option. Most will prefer this wild version of it, which wonderfully displays the artistry of the cut and the interesting light and dark combination of blond hair colors.
Photo Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel