Ideas for Hairstyles for Special Occasions (5)

Are you looking for a hairstyle for a wedding, a party or a formal occasion? Don’t be afraid of wearing your hair up. Most updos can be customized to suit the occasion whether it is casual, professional, or formal. Scroll down for pictures of hairstyles for special occasions!
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  • hair with braid on one side
  • hairstyle with feather
  • partial up-style
  • full-volume upstyle
  • nordic upstyle
  • Chilean upstyle
  • Russian hair updo
  • gala look
  • hair styled to one side of the head
  • hairband updo
  • casual feminine style
  • sensual look for hair
  • easy hair styling
  • curls with a straight section
  • French vintage hair style
  • netted hair
  • elaborate retro look
  • large curls
  • updo with tendrils
  • long wrapped hair
  • updo with curl cylinders
  • downcurls style with spirals
  • finger waves retro hairstyle
  • vintage hair style with curls
  • upsweep with curls
  • red hair in a unique style
  • up style for mid length hair
  • updo with a ponytail
  • preppy updo
  • more up-styles

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