Photos of Up Styles (6)

There are many occasions that call for an up style. For an elegant look you can wear your hair up in styles such as a bun, a chignon, a braided updo or a classy ponytail. Up styles are a marvelous hairstyle option that can be done on long, medium, and short hair. Keep on scrolling for inspiration for up styles!
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  • Updo with a silk flower for a festive occasion
  • Sleek updo with a slung ponytail
  • Hairstyle with all the hair pulled back
  • Ponytail style with a hair accessory
  • Hairdo with a long ponytail
  • Blonde hairstyle with a French twist
  • Semi-updo with all hair styled towards the back
  • Up-style with a high bun for black hair
  • Updo with a peacock twist
  • Hair styled into a long ponytail
  • Sporty ponytail for long dark hair
  • Hairstyle with a long loosely twisted braid
  • Partial up-do for straight hair
  • Semi-updo with sleek and free-moving hair
  • Up-style with bouncy curls and long tendrils
  • Updo with loosely piled hair and irregular curls
  • Up-style with loosely pinned hair and flowing curls
  • Woman with a head full of small and large curls
  • Updo with thick cylinder curls
  • Up-style with crimped hair and backcombing
  • Hairstyle with a fishnet braid
  • Classical updo with coiled curls
  • Up-style with tendrils and backcombing
  • Hair brushed severely back and away from the face
  • Hair styled into an easy upswing with curls
  • Hairstyle with below the shoulders ribboned curls
  • Up-style with a large roll on top of the head
  • Updo with thin curls along the face
  • Hairstyle with a folded high ponytail
  • more up-styles

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