Formal Event Hairstyles (17)

Do you need hair ideas for a special event? A special event always requires special hairstyles and updos offer many different options to make you look at your best. If you need a stunning updo for a wedding or any other special occasion, you'll find a ton of inspiration below!
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  • woven hair
  • Elizabethan Age hairstyle
  • Afro updo
  • see through hairband
  • turban of hair
  • frizzy hair upstyle
  • wedding hair with pony tail
  • Hair with gardenia flower
  • bridal hairstyle with twirls
  • modern wedding  hairstyle
  • wedding updo
  • piled up hair
  • cornrow braids
  • knot of hair
  • updo with side bangs
  • loosely gathered hair
  • hair extensions for color accents
  • modern up-style
  • updo for curly hair
  • semi-updo
  • festive hair with braid
  • up-style with curls
  • curly updo
  • sleek upstyle
  • fashionable up-style
  • double chignon
  • exotic updo
  • semi up-style
  • platinum hair updo
  • more up-styles

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