Desirable by Dessange

Hairstyles for winter
Whether her style is minimalist and fanciful, modern and exquisite, or fun and rebellious, the DESSANGE woman is dazzling once again. She has upped her style and created sustainable fashion.
She sports curved lines and a look that is the definition of "DESIRABLE": Everything she needs to step out with carefree optimism and authentic elegance. A pure blonde color, a flowing cut, and glossy locks - simply gorgeous hair. What a season!

A Wave of Enthusiasm

Long hairstyle with a side part
Glamorous hairstyles featuring side parts are the latest trend. These styles feature geometric shapes, faux-scalloped wave effects, brushwork, straightening, and extreme shine. Beauty drives creation, and the day-to-day becomes thrilling, with more and more excitement behind it all!

Soft Waves

Long hair with mussed waves
Is straight hair out of style? Messy waves that create a faux-creased effect are the must-have look of the season.
Make sure to follow this pro tip: Keep the hair smooth on the top and near one side of the face, and part it to the side. This will make it easier to brush your hair behind your ear, a gesture that is eminently feminine and attractive.

High Fashion Smooth and Straight

High fashion hair with 70s-style bangs
With long, straight, and shiny locks; an eye-catching chestnut color in “Châtain Praliné”; and sculpted, rounded, 70s-style bangs, the season of gorgeous hair is officially here! Light and attraction work hand in hand; who would dare to say otherwise?
To add shine to your hair without weighing it down, the best route is to use a taming, anti-frizz serum and an absolute oil.

Long Waves

Long hairstyle with slight waviness
Someone ordered glamor? To combine slicked back curls and natural waves, you just need to concentrate on texturing your hair as much as possible to add body, bounce, and femininity! The slight waviness makes your hair look even fuller. So what’s the secret? Use a texturing spray.

Preppy Updo

Preppy updo with a low on the neck chignon
What is the best way to frame a face in profile? Use a natural hair extension, style it with a straightener, and pin it low on the neck. The round shape of the style is accented with loose, graphic pieces, and lighter locks create depth.
These details break the uniformity of the classic reverse banana chignon. Gloss and a texturizing powder are added to the ends to create a light, airy effect.

Folded Up

Contemporary updo with folded hair
This exciting style is inspired by pleating, folding, and other origami techniques. It features a high ponytail in blonde "Deux Beiges" and is completed with the use of thread.
The ends are left free and textured with a matte powder. Hair is parted on the side and set off by a high-gloss finish. The hairstyle is sculptural, contemporary, graphic, and architectural, and looks elegant from every angle!

The Measured Bob

Measured bob with modern styling
The straight bob, a perennial favorite, plays up modern and graphic styling with a side part and a palette of three, seamlessly blended blonds. The colorist's marvellous job is a look that we are sure to love.

Dual Effect

Short hair for this season
Short hair is doubling in popularity this season! This style features a layer on the top that is longer than the bottom, as well as sculpted bangs. The cut is reminiscent of Jean Seberg and can be worn in several ways.
A cool blonde is set off with deeper tones at the roots. This edgy style screams independence and is striking and absolutely irresistible.

False Short Style

False short cut with balayage highlights
To play up elegant, transparent effects, opt for an adjustable, false short cut and luminous balayage highlights set off by three layered blonde colors that showcase the true depth of “Blond Camaïeu”. A smoothing thermo-active spray and a gloss spray give hair a satiny effect.
Hairstyles: DESSANGE
Photography: Nicolas Valois