"From One Woman To Another" by Camille Albane

Hair for stylish women
Rebellious, feminine and naturally stylish, the Camille Albane woman enjoys her paradoxes. She is a reflexion of her city, whether she was born there or whether she chose it. Everything comes to her easily. Her refinement is impish. Allure runs in her blood.
Her hairstyle is a travel companion. It imposes nothing but helps her stay on course. An audacious course. Colors bring energy to the look. Its lengths and body are striking and the cut suitably matches the texture.
Camille Albane delves into the classics to better reinvent them, exaggerate them, add a daring touch of boldness and expand on their subtlety. Customized creativity. An essential complement of individuality. In other words, the touch that shines light. And makes a difference! A new femininity is thus born. Stronger, more authentic, more serene.


Short hair with a free spirit and a turtleneck
Short hair continues to occupy a choice role on the checkerboard of worldwide hairstyles, since it has a free, untamed spirit. Some even dare to adopt the forthright, assertive undercut.
The cutting-edge touch? A few copper-red strands and ends against a dark chocolate base. A vibrant contrast and a texturized hairstyle to stage the effect of its glamour.

Free Spirit

Boyish short haircut for women
Why not take your dream of long hair and cut it short? Opt for a mischievous, boyish, dynamic, feminine cut. This completely trendy look involves slightly longer hair on top than a traditional cut, bringing hair a very fashionable «burst» shape. Texture is created with hair spray or gel.


Feminine short hair look for winter
When intense ivory blonde highlights play against dark roots, when feathering heightens its impact, this romantic rock woman takes a wide-angle view, demanding customized contrasts to boost her short hair look for winter.

On the Move

Short hair look with cool colors
Timelessly elegant feminine allure excels at exercises in style. Cool colors, flowing lines and soft materials harmoniously raise an audacious, multi-faceted short hair look to a higher level.


Short haircut with dense curls
A revolution is underway in the fashion sphere. Curls are reviving their glory days of the 80s, finally finding liberation!
The ultimate? Proudly boasting a short cut glorified by dense, tight curls at the roots that become looser at the ends. Another diktat of the season? The color contrast between ivory blond and dark chestnut, perfect for winter outfits.


Sleek long hairstyle with bangs
This intense, fiery tone is back on the scene. Lively, captivating and voluptuous, dark purple takes on new depth. It asserts its infinite charisma through this ultrasleek long style, framing the face with an oval shape.
Considering bangs? Choose the length that corresponds with the style you want. Short or long bangs; uneven or destructured bangs with stone-style edges.

Forward Bound

Updo with a forward brought ponytail
One of the most promising ideas for this fall-winter season? Unbridled creativity that marvelously corresponds with your desires.
Hair that has been beautifully highlighted, teased, interwoven, texturized and oiled. The centerpiece? A light purple ponytail brought forward to spill over the face, accessorizing and emphasizing the style.
Hairstyles: Camille Albane