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Camille Albane Hairstyles

  • short hair
  • boyish short hair
  • short hair with highlights
  • short hair with cool colors
  • short hair with dense curls
  • sleek long hair
  • updo
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Rebellious, feminine and naturally stylish, the Camille Albane woman enjoys her paradoxes. She is a reflexion of her city, whether she was born there or whether she chose it. Everything comes to her easily. Her refinement is impish. Allure runs in her blood.
Her hairstyle is a travel companion. It imposes nothing but helps her stay on course. An audacious course. Colors bring energy to the look. Its lengths and body are striking and the cut suitably matches the texture.
Camille Albane delves into the classics to better reinvent them, exaggerate them, add a daring touch of boldness and expand on their subtlety. Customized creativity. An essential complement of individuality. In other words, the touch that shines light. And makes a difference! A new femininity is thus born. Stronger, more authentic, more serene.
Hairstyles: Camille Albane