Festive Hairstyles (14)

Festive occasions demand special hairstyles. Are you looking for a new hairstyle for a party or a special occasion? Updos are the go-to style for prom, graduation, weddings and parties. Whether you've got long or short hair, there’s an updo that will work for you. Continue scrolling and find the perfect updo for yourself!
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  • Princess hairstyle with braiding and large spiral curls
  • Elegant hairstyle with a fall of curls
  • Updo with a bun worn on the side of the head
  • Hairdo with sleek pigtails and streaks
  • Curly updo with bouncy hair
  • Soft up-style for blonde hair
  • Fashionable up-style with slick sides
  • Updo with sleek sides and a curled crown
  • Up-style with twirled hair
  • Updo with the hair styled into tight knots
  • Up-style with piled hair and a braid
  • Hairstyle with a crown of braids
  • Partial updo with a tiara
  • Classy hairstyle with a low ponytail
  • Updo with pinned curly hair
  • Up-style with a waterfall of hair
  • Updo with two curly ponytails
  • Ballerina hairdo with a lot of shine
  • Pineapple shape updo with sleek sides
  • Updo with a knot at the nape
  • Updo with pouf and twirled hair
  • Hair woven into a smooth knot
  • Hairstyle with a scalloped chignon
  • Elegant updo with a French braid
  • Up- style with a braid that runs from back to front
  • Knotted up-style with a flowing design
  • Futuristic updo with fuchsia color accents
  • Post-war era updo with backcombed hair
  • Up-style with smooth slicked-back hair
  • more up-styles

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