Russia in my Heart

  • Braids in various colors
  • Hair topped with roses
  • Updo with flowers
  • Hair with rolled curls

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Photo 1: Miles of piles of straight bushy hair entice us with colors of gold, red and blonde tips giving the impression of a large wooly hat or a large showy bird that fans itself out to attract a mate. Attractive braids in various colors fall along the backside and one single braid is formed into a shape of a pretzel on the side of the models head. Do not attempt this hairstyle at home; you'd never be able to do it!
Photo 2: Pure genius is crafted by a gorgeous braid that lies over the fan of platinum cream hair with a thick belt that is wrapped completely around with a large half moon hook that circles down the forehead. This most exciting caption is topped with roses along the beltway.
Photo 3: The specialized hair color similar to a light topaz blends in with bits of light brown has been magnified 10 times over by bringing the whole of one side and back completely up. Enjoined in heavy layers of ripples, waves and curls together, roses are placed around the edge with the added decoration of braids for this exclusive figure.
Photo 4: A winding oblong of rolled curls interwoven throughout each other are presented in the front of the brunette. The hair is heavily weaved towards the back in a high posture and laced with a large rounded curl on the top. A thick attractive braid is displayed from the top of the curl to the nape of the models neckline. A winner from the start!
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial