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Hair for self confident women
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The Hamburg based top stylist Lars Nicolaisen is introducing his first collection by the name of shin'e: sophisticated shine-styles for the very special appearance.
He perfectly sets the scene for pure glamour, shine and glory of the utmost intensity: shin'e is the name of his first collection of hairstyles. Five looks for stylish, self-confident women who are looking for something special and that want just one thing: shine in highest perfection!
The Inspiration
The looks were born of ideas, inspiration and observations that the Hamburg stylist has collected for more than a year in his salon at the Ballindamm. "We did not just look at the heads of our clients, but we also listened closely: what do they wish for, what is most important to them, how do they imagine the perfect hairstyle? There is no better source of inspiration than that," said Nicolaisen.
The essence of these experiences can now be found in shin'e. The name says it all: with shin'e Lars Nicolaisen doesn't just fulfill the biggest wish of clients for perfectly shiny hair, but also bets on the current shine and glamour trend of the approaching fashion season.
Shiny appearance for the special event
There is a clear message behind shin'e: the styling is again more elaborate! Shin'e presents hairstyles that do not look overworked - making them masterpieces of technique.
There are no everyday stylings that a woman can repeat at home in five minutes. The styles are elaborate and sophisticated and require the trained hand of a pro at the salon. The goal: to let women shine in the truest sense of the word - for her very special moment.
The main characteristic of the shin'e looks: absolutely clear contours and surfaces as smooth as a mirror, combined with waves, curls or heavily structured sections. Curled femininity is in contrast with hairstyles that are literally pushed to the edge.
All is set up stylistically confident with perfect painting color techniques and - the icing on the cake - beaming shine. The result: spectacular depth, plenty of motion and unbelievable shimmer of each individual hair.
The Shine-Service
The extraordinary results of the shin'e looks were achieved with a specially developed shine sealing. The great thing about it: from now on this shine sealing treatment is available exclusively at the Nicolaisen Salon under the name n-shin'e. It is made for all those clients who want to keep their polished up hair shiny as long as possible.
No matter if the hair color is natural or dyed - n-shin'e keeps the hair brilliant and in precious shine even long after the visit to the salon. The sealing treatment only takes about five minutes and the effect lasts for three to five weeks.

Movement in Straight Hair

Movement in short straight hair
It works even without waves: movement in straight hair is not a challenge at all! The vivacious look is made with the help of new styling products, ensuring an interesting and textured styling. N SHINE sealer lets the shimmer last a long time.

Straight Hair and Curls

Interplay of hair with straight surfaces and curls
Amazingly fascinating: the interplay of straight surfaces with curls. Three different blonde hues enhance the dynamic motion of the hair. A perfect shine is the frosting on the cake!

Long Top Hair

Hair with perfection in color and shine
One prerequisite for this look is long top hair. Iridescent colors create seductive warmth; the N SHINE formula provides the finishing touch. The result: perfection in color and shine!

Straight Section and Waves

Hairstyle with waves and a straight section at the forehead
The waves are back - at least when it comes to styling! The straight section at the forehead definitely breaks the pattern and is a special eye catcher. The color alone creates much motion by being a touch darker at the roots than in the lengths. N SHINE sealer brings in the light.

Warm Brown Hair Color

Warm brown hair color reminding us of coffee and chocolate
Just as trendy as the earthy blonde tones: warm browns reminding of coffee and chocolate. And: it does not always have to be sophisticated! Wild moves as well - as long as the proportions are right. For some shine and glory use the N SHINE formula by Nicolaisen.
Hairstyles: Nicolaisen Intercoiffure Hamburg
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