Hairstyles for Special Occasions (9)

Looking for hair inspiration for a special occasion? Thinking of wearing your hair up on that special day but not sure what type of updo to go for? Updos are practical hairstyles and can be worn at all kinds of events. Check out these overwhelmingly gorgeous ideas for updos!
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  • festive upstyle
  • bolstered top hair
  • full-volume updo
  • hair styled up for bounce
  • partial up-style
  • glossy up-style
  • springy curls look
  • evening hairstyle with a flower
  • braid with a blue color effect
  • rock style
  • upstyle wit braid and shaved sides
  • medieval updo
  • updo with braids
  • upswept hairstyle
  • hair accents
  • ringletse
  • hair swept up
  • hair drawn up smooth
  • up-style with chignon
  • selfwrapped ponytail
  • partial up-style
  • updo with a sweeping curve
  • romantic updo
  • nostalgic hairstyle
  • ponytail and fringe - Mark Woolley
  • formal hairstyle - hob artistic team
  • unique updo - hob artistic team
  • braid fringe - hob artistic team
  • hair styled up- hob salons
  • more up-styles

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