Paris by Braun der Friseur

Modern hair influenced by Paris fashion
The name alone, Paris, conjures up images of fashion, architecture and art. There are only a few cities in the world that can trigger sighs and smiles just by mentioning their name. The City of Lights is on top of that list. Braun der Friseur has made his vision of Parisian flair tangible with his latest hairstyles collection.
Six styles capture sensual, daring, artistic and very modern interpretations of hair. Inspired by runway styles and the specific way of life that can only happen in a city with this much history and at the same time modern thinkers, artists and great minds of fashion.
Elegance, boldness are paired with an effortless finish, a free spirited attitude and much savoir vivre.

Poetic Curls

Hair with curls that cascade past the shoulders
Hair with curls that look natural
Long hair with curls and thick volume
Thick volume with the most seductive curls that cascade way past her shoulders is a picture of femininity and seduction. This is coveted look is timeless and will never loose any of its power, no matter what decade or even century we are in.
Playful, simple beauty that captivates with its overwhelming and boundless opulence. The hair looks very natural with the smooth highlights, just a couple of nuances lighter than the brown color of the hair. The curls increase massively towards the ends. Poetry made visible.

Upstyle with Bangs

Simple upstyle with a bun
Upstyle with very straight bangs
Updo with a bun and straight fringe
It is no coincidence that "finesse" is a French word. It is also the perfect description for this hairstyle, which is oozing with seductive charm. The stylish and yet playful design, a bit of nostalgia and even a flattering simplicity in its geometric balance and individual elements could make this look your new favorite as well.
The hair is gathered on the back of the crown in a wide but simple bun. The front is defined by the very straight bangs with their long points on either side.

Asymmetrical in Red

Very modern haircut with bangs
Haircut with a shaved side section
Modern style for short red hair
Paris has a very modern and progressive face amidst all of the tradition and history. Street fashion often develops before the runway styles, which are in many cases the result of the inspiration that the designers find when they stroll through the boulevards, clubs and cafes of their city. It is a healthy symbiosis that helps to spread ingenious looks to a wide audience.
A bob is the ancestor to this haircut and what remains of it is the wide bangs and the shape of one of its sides. An shaved section and close cropped graduated lengths around the back are overlayed with long, pointed strands that run all the way into her face.

Jagged Edges

Bob cut with jagged edges and a side fringe
Bob haircut with spikes that peek out
Bob with a graduated cutting angle
This very young and urban incarnation of the famous bob comes with jagged cutting lines and a textured styling. The deep side fringe has as much attitude as the soft spikes that peek out along the edges.
Layers and a graduated angle complete the fun shape. The hair color is an understated brown, spiced up with a few strategically placed light effects.

Green Streaks

Brown hair with green streaks
Short hairstyle with a dynamic fringe
Short hair with jagged ends
Strong movement in one direction is the strongest element of style. The second eye catcher is a series of green strands that bring a magic glow into the dynamic fringe and along the sides. Jagged, textured ends.
All of that uplifting motion is kept in place and freed from gravity's pull with the help of some strong styling products. Make sure to keep the small side neat and sleek.

Modern Hair with Vintage Waves

vintage water wave
vintage water wave
vintage water wave
The length is that of a contemporary and androgynous short cut. The styling is nostalgic with one large water wave pressed into the hair. This can be done by moving two styling combs in an opposite way in the damp hair. Use spray to hold it all down and together.
The cut is parted way over on one side and the smaller section is slicked back. All of the attention will be on that beautiful shape in the shiny blonde hair. Don't forget the heavy eye-liner to complete the vintage factor.
Hairstyles: Braun der Friseur