• Vintage hairstyle for a Lauren Bacall look
  • Hair in a high fashion updo
  • Modern upstyle
  • Updo with the hair brushed all the way up

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Photo 1: Remember Bogie and Bacall? The glamour of Lauren Bacall's hairstyle of the forties/fifties are reminiscent to the model's easy side part and tumbled idle waves that plummet down the back and around the shoulders. Deliciously sexy and a hairstyle you can try for yourself, by beginning with the part and rolling rollers under all the way down. Brush aggressively and spritz with gloss for sheen.
Photo 2: The exquisite taste of a high fashion updo can bring stares and gapes when the hairstyle is brought boldly up into one smashing large cylinder on the very top of the models head! Other large curls are conceived and the dark brunette hair begins its jaunt to rope around the neck. A small modest tendril commits to the other side of this aristocratic creation.
Photo 3: Take a look at the stylishly modern upstyle that billows up and out like a hat in blonde tones on top of the model's head. The hair has been brushed up severely and secured tightly to allow for the large ball of fluff on the top. Great look for the runway!
Photo 4: The magnificence of brown tones comes to a peak when the hair is brushed all the way up on the top of the head and back brushed to gather the plump of curls in the shape of a bird's high crest. The feather completes this statue and is tacked on the backside of the hairstyle. Brush your hair up and secure with pins or a hairband, back brush and spray.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial