Snow on your Tongue

  • Braids resembling a rope
  • Intricate braids
  • Strings of hair
  • Hair in a spiral braid

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Photo 1: Fanciful sections of golden braids are clasped on the top, some have been designed to embellish the crown while continuing their artistic skill with a long twine resembling a rope. Completing the picture, a crochet floret is attached to the corner above the temple that strengthens the entire reflection of the braids. Apply ample amounts of gel to smooth your hair before you braid.
Photo 2: Flattering intricate braids have been crafted into divisions that surround the face and introduce the power of the stout mid-length braid that rides along one side of the back. Slighter connecting braids are formed together in various interlocking clasps. Generous portions of gel or lotion will aid with the braiding.
Photo 3: Plenty of mussed coils and strings of hair wrap around each other with a quaint nimble part that forms into semi-circled spikes and flicks while working along an attractive braid regarding one side. Two skinny golden strands arch over the top, projects the finishing touch. Bits of spray will help with this image.
Photo 4: A modest center part becomes a focal point with a huge choppy spiral braid along one side with splits, whirls and broken up effects along the way. Tight round cylinders of curls are displayed over the other side along with the delicacy of the long fringe along the neck. Gel or lotion will assist with this hairstyle.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial