Photos of Festive Hairstyles (3)

Looking for updos? Updo hairstyles can be done regardless of the length of the hair. They are sophisticated hair ideas for a wedding, prom or any other special occasion. Scroll down for beautiful updos that work for your hair length and texture!
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  • Short angled bob with cornrow braids
  • Wrapped updo for hair with color accents
  • Oval shape up-style with piled curls
  • Hairstyle with a chignon bun
  • Classic updo for short curly hair
  • Sleek and silky ponytail
  • Up-style with shiny slicked back hair
  • 1940s hairstyle with rolled bangs
  • Up-style for curly gothic hair
  • Easy chignon for blonde hair
  • Hairstyle with a headband and cascading waves
  • Soft updo for wavy hair
  • Party style with the hair pulled back
  • Retro up-style with a tight knot at the nape
  • Festive style for hair with natural wave
  • Updo with tight twisted tendrils
  • Retro 1980s inspired up-style with heavy bangs
  • Blonde updo with crimped hair
  • Hair with backcombing to form a roll
  • Smoothed back styling for red hair
  • Professional hairstyle with tendrils for curly hair
  • Messy statement up-style with intense volume
  • Eccentric updo for curly hair
  • Up-style with smoothed hair and long tendrils
  • Slick vintage hairstyle with fingerwaves
  • Short hair styled up with backcombing
  • Mohawk hair style for women
  • High-volume hairstyle with ruffing and backcombing
  • Updo for multi-toned hair with bangs
  • more up-styles

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