Hairstyles for Special Occasions (4)

If you have a wedding coming up, prom, a party or maybe a homecoming celebration, try something different with your hair and wear it up. No matter what the occasion, there is an up-style that will totally change your appearance and make you look super elegant!
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  • Up style with the hair pinned at the back
  • Updo with the hair piled up high
  • Up style with the hair styled behind the ears
  • Updo with curls for short blonde hair
  • Sculpted hair with smoothing and sliced sections
  • Hair with a topknot and color streaks
  • Special occasion hairstyle with Native American elements
  • Vintage look with the hair styled down
  • Glamour look with a close-fitting updo
  • Classic glossy hairstyle with a bun
  • Topknot hairdo with a pointed fringe section
  • Trendy hair up style with short bags
  • Full-volume updo for very curly hair
  • Hair styled sideward over one shoulder
  • Romantic hairdo with the curls styled up
  • High-volume updo for hair with Layers
  • Hair with knotted twists and ribbons
  • Retro updo with closely groomed sides
  • Blonde updo with piled curls and high volume
  • Strict up style with a beehive shape
  • Up style with a side part and swept bangs
  • 1960s inspired partial updo with long bangs
  • Casual up style for warm summer nights
  • Short hairdo with flowers in the hair
  • Semi-updo with an irregular side part
  • Partial up style with large blonde curls
  • Smooth updo that is exposing the ears
  • Hair brought up with a hair cylinder
  • Easy updo with curls and textured bangs
  • more up-styles

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