• Hair with a long braid
  • Ribbon interwoven throughout hair
  • Upswing hair style
  • Updo with a silver head band

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Photo 1 + 4: The bravado of glitter created with small round curls on top of the head leads to the attachment of the plump lengthy braid that falls near the waistline and a slip of a fan of hair that seals an originative signature upon this canvas of art. Most unique is the silver head band that builds an enticing character on this novel portrait. In the other photo, we can see a most winning effect of the different color of ribbons in the form of a flower resting on the top of the models curls. Applying styling lotion or gel followed by spray will help create the cylinder of curls.
Photo 2: Bigger than life, curls upon round curls piled high with a pink ribbon interwoven throughout the hairstyle and with the ends hanging along the back. Decorously topped with a silver bangled headband, we can be assured is matched with the large earrings that blend in with the total appearance of the vision. Gel, rollers and spray with plenty of hairpins will give you a start for styling this high fashion stature.
Photo 3: The Queen of the Nile could not match such an extraordinary ornamental upswing that brings a tight centered part leading to the double roll of hair in the crown and laced with a silver laden scarf. The silver headband lies over the forehead from temple to temple and around the head in a most delightful design of baubles. Use gel and spray if you feel up to the task of this most talented and professional hairstyle.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial