Special Event Hairstyles (16)

Updos are always in style and they are a gorgeous way to wear your hair for special events. You can look completely different, and you don’t have to do anything drastic and nonreversible to your hair to change your look. These beautiful hairstyles might convince you to go for an updo!
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  • Updo with a bun and a herringbone braid
  • Up-style with a simple side-knot and a snood
  • Easy to do wedding hairstyle with curls
  • Wedding hair with a low chignon
  • Pompadour updo for hair with tiny waves
  • Mohawk inspired hairstyle with twirled hair
  • Hairdo with a double twisted braid
  • Haute couture hairdo
  • Beehive updo with peasant braids
  • Haute couture hairstyle with twisted up-turns
  • Tight updo with slicked-back hair
  • Elegant updo with a semi banana roll
  • Bridal hairstyle for curly hair
  • High-volume wedding style for dark hair
  • Wedding hair with a braid and daisies
  • Modedrn wedding hairstyle with flowers
  • Classy ponytail with volume on top of the head
  • Hairdo with two round poufs
  • Updo with bulbous volume for a mermaid look
  • Diana Ross inspired Afro hairstyle
  • Updo with curls and smooth slick surfaces
  • Up-style with much volume and sharp cutting lines
  • Updo for hair with contrasting colors
  • Updo with curls of different sizes
  • Elegant look with the hair pinned up
  • Easy up-style with the hair tugged under
  • Hairstyle with a sweeping ponytail
  • Rockabilly updo with rolled up hair
  • Up-style with curls and deliberate messy hair
  • more up-styles

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