"Follow Me" by Camille Albane

Hairstyles with volume and movement
Smooth shades of vanilla and intriguing sepia tones are the palette that the latest hair dreams by Camille Albane are made of. "Follow Me" brings a splash of exciting colors but also beautiful hairstyles, which celebrate the power of a woman. Who would not want to follow this!
All lengths of hair are full of volume and intense movement. Long side bangs, waves and casual curls are the elements of style that tease our senses and will make this spring and summer a feast for the eyes. Each cut comes with a smooth and a more textured, passionate styling.

Long Sweeps the Fringe

Blonde hairstyle with long curved and sweeping lines
Sweeping lines create breathtaking movement and just the right amount of stylish volume. A little twist on the fringe elevates a wide front section just a little, but the effect is strong. Small details like this can take a hairstyle from beautiful to absolutely stunning.
The lengths are gently curved and feather out in various directions, again creating movement and a lot of wow moments. Her color is a silky vanilla / sandy blonde with a very natural hue and precious shine. It perfectly matches her skin tone.

Romantic Long Hairstyle

Long blonde hairstyle with curls and lifted bangs
Half up and half down is a great way to give long hair a different look. For this voluminous and breathtaking design the bangs were lifted up and taken across the crown to the back.
A little teasing underneath provides the necessary lift, which makes this look so gorgeous. Very elegant, but also playful with the long waves and curls, this style is made to be shown off.

Sepia Seduction

Long hair with a fringe that curls under the chin
The irresistible beauty of vintage sepia colored photography and drawings is reflected by the precious dark copper color of her long hair. The layers were cut to fit and flatter the shape of her face and the key feature is the long fringe that curls just under her chin and reminds of the front section of a bob.
Another wide section runs diagonally across the front and is as thin as a veil. The lengths have most generous curves and a light and slinky texture.


Untamed long hair with layers
The nostalgic charm of this long hairstyle originates in the beautiful sepia / copper color. The shade really sets the mood, but it is the wild and untamed movement, the playfulness of the long waves as well as the bold volume that really bring the drama.
Based on the same cut as the previous style but with much more movement, this version of the long layers allows her to express yet another facet of herself.

Short Length Changeling

Short bob with feathering and ends that curve inward
In its blown out, straight variation this slightly layered bob is a picture of casual sophistication. The face is framed beautifully by an asymmetrical fringe, some feathering and a smooth curve on the opposite side.
The ends are curved inward, however the inside layer peeks out just a touch and flips up as a surprising and refreshing contrast. Her color is a very alluring dark copper. Fine highlights add subtle effects.

Harmony in Curls

Short feminine hairstyle with large curls
Short curly hairstyle with highlights
Large curls in a short hairstyle come with a very iconic, feminine flair. This look is refined and sexy. The curls can be made with a wide barreled curling iron or with rollers. Once set the large curls are ruffled and partially pulled out and deconstructed. This generates good volume and a very sensual texture.
The fine highlights come into play once again to enhance the movement and to create visual depth. For this version the hair was styled into the face, almost covering one of her eyes. This little trick instantly adds a trendy, mysterious factor.

Sleek Bangs with Curls

Pixie cut with curls and a slender neckline
Movement and sleekness come together as opposites and create quite a stir. The accent of the sleek bangs, draped very elegantly across her forehead and ending in a chic curve, makes the curls that adorn her crown stand out even more.
A slender neckline with a snug sitting curve of hair gives this short hairstyle a very slim look. A warm brown with dark golden highlights is a refined and flattering haircolor that matches her skin tone. This effect comes out stronger with the make-up in the same earthy tones.
Hairstyles: Camille Albane
Hairstylist: Louis Lafolie
Colorist: Marie Bidart
Make-up: Camille Albane
Photographer: Nicolas Valois