"Spoon Shape" by Hair Arena Intercoiffure

Short hairstyles
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The "Spoon Shape" collection from Hair Arena Intercoiffure is all about the curves. These short hairstyles feature predominantly smooth finishes and lots of softened edges, but the main theme is the curvy silhouettes created by the styles.
Whether spherical bob cuts, or concave napes accentuating an over-directed and elongated pixie cut style, the curves are evident and the center of attention.
In these styles, the use of hair color provides the canvas upon which these shapes and elements are displayed rather than playing active roles as styling elements. Whether the color is pale, cool, champagne blonde or plum-tinted ebony, it seems to exist harmoniously with the style into which the hair is carved.

Clean Bob

Bob with a clean horizontal fringe
Short bob haircuts with bangs
Dark bobbed hair with a purple tint
Start with your classic bob, and the straight, smooth hair falls in line. Add a touch of texturing along the edges of the cut, and perhaps some undercutting to ensure a smooth lie along the nape. You can use your razor tool to soften the ends of the strands framing the face and along the jaw line as a counter-balance to the clean, hard edge of the horizontal fringe.
The photos illustrate both "clean look" and "soft look" styling for this classic cut. The vibrant glow of the purple tint to the otherwise dark hair adds visual interest without overpowering the look.

Fringe Encircling One Eye

Short hairstyle with a fringe
Short haircut with tapered side and nape sections
Here we see an elongated and asymmetrical layered short hair style in which the side and nape sections smoothly taper to softened edges and accentuating curves. The weight of this cut is maintained in the crown section and along the parietal ridge, and the off-center "burst" parting creates a soft curve of hair within the fringe and right side of the style.
Speaking of the fringe, it is cut in a sharply twisting "s" to encircle one eye while creating a sheer veil for the other. The ends of the fringe section are heavily textured to give a feathery finish and blend smoothly into the sides of the cut. Both the bulkier right side and the slimmer left are feathered with a razor tool to create soft tapers framing the cheek and jaw. The soft, champagne blonde color adds its own softness and provides a classy glow to the hair.

Neck-Length Bob

Neck-length bob with a side-swept fringe
Bobbed hair with a fringe
Bob hair that swings around the face
The golden blonde tresses of this neck-length bob provide a sunny canvas for the sassy look and style. With an angled parting and side-swept fringe, the hair forms a large, silky curtain that swings freely around the face.
The gently layered ends of the hair are styled to form a spherical silhouette which plays well with the slightly angled features of our model's face. The light texturing along the edges of the style ensures that while the lines of the cut remain clean, the edges are not too "hard".

Angled Bob

Angled bob with a concave nape and one shorter side
Short bob cut for auburn hair
Short hair and buttoned blouse collar
Bob haircut with one shorter side
This is coiffure as couture. The warm auburn tones of the hair color give an inviting glow to the satiny finish of the style. The cut is an asymmetrical, angled bob with a concave nape area to hug close to the curve as the back of the skull merges with the neck. The nape perimeter is cut into a softened oval, and the nape layers are elongated and smoothly blended into the weight line of the bob's angle.
An angled parting on the left leads into side-swept bangs and the shorter side of the asymmetrical style. The edges along the sides are carefully textured and shaped to give a tailored sweep to frame the face. It is a style and cut that are tailored to the individual - there is no "cookie-cutter look" here.

Pixie Style Haircut

Pixie style haircut with tapered sides and a curved fringe
Pixie cut  hair with layering and texturing
This hairstyle is actually closely related to the angled bob of the previous look. While it's obviously not an angled bob cut, the cut is asymmetrical, deeply tapered with over-directed elements, and custom tailored to suit the individual. The base is a pixie style cut whose perimeter follows around the ears and down low on the neck. The sides taper along the cheek and the edges of the perimeter are point cut to give a soft texture to the lines and angles of the cut.
The curved fringe arches over the left eye and sweeps down across the right brow to emphasize the asymmetry of the style. With the bulk of the hair kept in the crown and along the parietal ridge, we have plenty of hair to play with when styling. This is apparent in the views shown in the photos.
The first photo shows a sleek, sedate finish perfect for an elegant function, while the second photo shows how easily the look can be "energized" taking advantage of the layering and texturing by adding a touch of sculpting paste and working it through the hair.

Disheveled Neck-Length Bob

Carefree bob hairstyle
Disheveled neck-length bob
If something about this hairstyle looks familiar don't be surprised. A quick glance back at hairstyle three shows the base cut for this energized version of the neck-length bob. The multi-directional styling increases the interplay of light within the hair color and adds depth and fun.
The disheveled look creates an image of carefree abandon and slightly tawdry ravishment that is playful. The combined styling changes take this look from good-girl sweet, to bad-girl heat in almost a single, bold head shake.
Hairstyle: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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