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Hairfinder Makeover Collection

In the last few years hairstyles have been undergoing a true metamorphosis. These transitions are a result of the specific influence of major celebrities and media foci. What had become a trend toward long flowing locks was abruptly redirected by the dramatic cropping of Victoria Beckham's locks into her signature Pob (a concave bob). The new direction was affirmed by media darlings Katie Holmes and Natalie Imbruglia, who also went for a makeover and sheared their longer locks for shorter, sassier and chic bob styles.
  • neck-length bob
  • angled bob shape side view
  • back view of a neck-length bob
  • bob cut for fine hair
  • angled bob seen from the side
  • lip level bob with bangs
  • lip length bob haircut
  • back view of a short layered bob
  • short bob with bangs
  • short bob with tapering - side view
  • haircut with exposed earlobes
  • haircut with brow line fringe
  • short haircut with layers - back view
  • short haircut to show off your earlobes
  • halfway the ears haircut
  • gamine cropped pixie cut
  • pixie cut with layers
  • back view of a pixie with layers
  • very short pixie haircut
  • choppu pixie cut
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Even more stars have furthered the trend by taking short hair one step more toward the scalp: celebs like Rihanna and Kristin Kreuk have decided to expose their ears with cute, short crops.
Because of these influences and the new trends in shorter styles, New York master hairstylist, Christopher Naselli, has taken upon himself to create a collection of hairstyles, exclusively for Says Naselli, "The whole collection, in my eyes, was something that I wanted to be a bit masculine but yet very feminine; kind of a take back to the 60s and the 80s; kind of disconnected heavy perimeters with a softer interior. If that makes any sense."
It does and the looks are strong: bold angles and cut lines with a touch of sixties mod and eighties pop. The looks are forceful, yet feminine, simple yet detailed and defined. The collection takes a single model and transforms her look, step by step, from a neck length bob to a gamine crop. The collection illustrates the drama and metamorphosis that lies in potential in every woman.
Christopher Naselli is the owner and operator of one of the most respected salons in New York City: salon forty east third. He has more than 15 years of professional experience within the hairstyling industry, impacting mostly in New York and Los Angeles.
He has a loyal following among New York's elite creative community and his clients include film and television actors, sports figures, top fashion and news editors. Among his past and present celebrity clients are Rosie Perez, Kristen Bell, Justin Chambers, Margaret Cho, and Jennifer Carpenter.
Hair: Christopher Naselli for Hairfinder
Make-up Artist: Jenni Kline for Creative Management NYC
Model: Jennifer Diamond
Photography: Cody Rasmussen
Artistic Director: Sophie Braun