Nicole Anderson's Pixie

Nicole Anderson with her hair cut into a pixie
Photo by PR Photos
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Nicole Anderson's ever-changing look has us mesmerised. From straight, warm-toned long hair a couple of years ago, Nicole is seen here at the "Step Up Revolution" Los Angeles Premiere on 17 July 2012 sporting a modern pixie hairstyle that is so 2012.
Nicole's smooth, straight, shiny hair is perfect for a short pixie cut like this and clearly this girl knows that. She never goes wrong with her hair and once she's onto a good thing she holds on to it.
We're talking about her bangs. They've been BFFs for a while and why not? These gorgeous long bangs, styled to the side here frame her face and bring out the feminine side of what could otherwise have been a boyish haircut.
The chestnut hair with light highlights really suits Nicole's skin tone and as always, brings out the warmth of those gorgeous brown eyes.
Nicole Anderson - modern short pixie
Photo by PR Photos
Nicole Anderson wearing a long silk dress
Photo by PR Photos
Nicole Anderson wearing her short hair combined with a smooth long dress
Photo by PR Photos
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