Roots by Framesi

Basic hairstyles for long and short hair
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With this collection Framesi explores the very beginning, the origins of style and yes, even of us. The metamorphosis from necessity to the extraordinary is expressed in the succession of hairstyles that reflect the basics, but take the design so much further, searching for the very core of the evolution of our fashion conscience.
The vision was realized with innovative techniques and products. Basic short haircuts, elaborate up-styles with a range of powerful expressions in between are made to capture and awaken desire and to remind us of the roots that we all share.

Short Power Crop

Short crop for women
It does not get more basic than this very short haircut, but also hardly more expressive. The ultimate of the "strong" haircuts bedazzles with its raw charisma and the purity of its color and expression. It leaves a lot of skin to look and will bring much attention to your features. So, if you have pretty eyes, do not hide them behind long bangs anymore.
Texture galore adds interest but also a soft touch to the warrior look. A little roughness in the texture is balanced by sleek, styled elements in front, for example the fringe that is combed to the side and now forms a smooth single line outlining her forehead.

Easy To Style Hair

Easy to style neck length hair
Somewhere between blonde and brown is the realm of bronze. A warm and rich color, that is brought to life by Framesi in a casual layered haircut with a dense top and a more textured neck part.
The texture lightens not only the long fringe but brings wispy edges and ends to the entire style, keeping it fresh and feisty.
A very wearable look that is easy to style at home and is right on the spot when it comes to the latest trends. Basic, but with contemporary finesse.

Wet Look Curls

Wet look styling for hair with curls
Pristine in their shape and original in style, the curls made in Italy come with an intensity that excludes any neutral reaction to them. With their bronze color they have a quality, like a great painting, that touches one deep inside. You may even hear drums and feel the earth move under your feet, when you close your eyes.
Individual curls are accentuated with a wet look product. A curl enhancing gel is a great way to achieve this medium length hairstyle as it will enhance the movement and give the hair the desired texture and shine without getting stiff or weighing all of that beauty down.

Short Layered Bob

Short layered bob with curved edges
Before the slim-lined, minimalistic bob was the layered cut oozing temptation made of movement and glorious color. This ravishing, wild and earthy haircut boasts not only dizzying movement, but also a sheer concert of colors that will make your head spin even more. Very light blonde to golden blonde transitions seem to capture the strength of the sun.
The layers start at half length and increase around the chin to achieve this rounded shape. Edges are curved and point towards the front, half revealing her face for a special touch of savage mystery.

Sexy Long Hairstyle

Sexy long hairstyle with a side fringe
Warrior Women from Conan the Barbarian to the Game of Thrones like to sport sexy long hair to express their connection to the earth and the divine principle of femininity. This beauty is no exception and proudly flaunts her long honey blonde layers.
A very chic touch amidst all of the drama is the side fringe and the glorious color which consists of dark blonde roots, golden lengths and light blonde highlights.

Up-Style with a Braid

Braided up-style for hair with different shades of blonde
An original use of the braid could have looked like this. A very loosely woven specimen reaches from her forehead to the nape and is flanked by tightly pulled sides and a triangular section on the crown.
The three shades of blonde come in very handy now to support the shape with light and shadow. A unique mix of ethnic style and modern elegance, made to show off statement jewelry and long necks.

Wet Look

Male wet look hair style
The most typical and basic of all men's haircuts has clean cut outlines with a neat, short body around and slightly longer hair on top. Ruffled volume with gentle curls and most of all a wet look makes men feel strong, and women swoon. Combed back or spiked up, all of the options are trendy and good looking.

Surfer Hairstyle

Male surfer hairstyle with curls
When he gets tired of his dapper and traditional look, one of the coolest ways to transition between hairstyles is the way of the surfer. A little grown out, a little unkempt and with adorable curls in the shorter neck and hot waves everywhere else give him an easy going sunshine look.
By the way, if the sun won't do it, have your stylist put in the highlights. No one has to find out... Now where are those Mai Tais again?
Hair: Framesi
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